"A whole family that'll turn you on."
―Company motto

T.Watts & Sons is an electrical business in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Very little is known about the company, except that, as the name and the logo implies, is dedicated to electrical repair. The part "Sons" and the company motto also denotes that the business is run, or created, by a family of electricians.

The business uses Burritos as their main vehicles. The company also owns a warehouse in Chicory Street, BOABO, Broker.



  • "T.Watts" is a combination of plural forms of "twat", a British insult which means "vagina" (the US equivilant being the insult "pussy") and "Watt", a derived unit to measure power.
    • Additionally, the company's motto is a double entendre, as it can either refer to the act of turning on the electricity, or to sexual arousal.
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