The T-34/85 (unofficial name) is an old, presumably abandoned tank found in the Rogers Salvage Scrap Yard in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It cannot be controlled by the player, as it is a complete wreckage. Thus, it serves only as scenery.


The T-34 is unable to be driven and just appears as a wrecked vehicle inside the scrap yard. The vehicle has no given name in-game, so it is known by its real life name, T-34/85.

The T-34's design looks exactly like its real-life counterpart, the Soviet T-34-85. This is the latter version of the tank, with a larger turret and an 85 mm main gun. Unlike most vehicles in GTA V, it's an exact recreation of its real-life model.





Close-up of the Degtyaryov DT machine gun mounted on T-34.

  • Notably, the tank is fitted with its hull-mounted Degtyaryov DT machine gun, which is usually missing on museum tanks or those featured in video games.
  • The tank appears to simply be abandoned, as there is no evidence of shell penetration or other combat damage, and no apparent damage to the suspension. It appears partially sunken into the earth, indicating that it has not been moved for a very long time.


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