The Sweets Van is a van in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.


Grand Theft Auto: London

The Sweets Van is a typical car-based van commonly adopted for use in the United Kingdom during the 1950s and 1960s, used to transport sweets, as stated by its name. Due to its design, the Sweets Van may be based on either a 1953-1971 Morris O type 8Cwt or a 1950-1956 Morris Cowley MCV 10Cwt[1]. The Sweets Van comes in a variety of colours.


Grand Theft Auto: London

As expected from the vehicle, the Sweets Van is a slower, more lumbering vehicle generally practical for more casual driving. The van features a slightly below average top speed, but relatively good acceleration and grip. Most of its other traits are unremarkable; its braking and handling are average. The Sweets Van's based export value is also low, selling at £400 in mint condition.


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