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Carl, no time to chit chat! Been seeing a Seville Families bia. Word got out on the street and the boys don't like it. I'm pinned down in the Seville hood and we need a ride out of here, pronto!
— Sweet Johnson

Sweet's Girl is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother Sweet from his house in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos.


Carl Johnson drops by his brother's house. Upon arrival, however, he realises that nobody is home. Carl walks out of the house and receives a phone call from Sweet. Sweet informs Carl that he has been ambushed by Seville Boulevard Families gang members while visiting his girlfriend in Playa del Seville, and that they have surrounded his girlfriend's flat. Carl arrives at Sweet's girlfriend's flat, where he discovers that they are being attacked by five gunmen, two of them are armed with Tec-9s and the other three are carrying 9mm pistols. Sweet is firing back with his own pistol, but his ammunition is depleting quickly, prompting Carl to resolve the situation by killing the gang members. After killing the gang members, Sweet phones Carl again and tells him to acquire a four-door vehicle to drive Sweet and his girlfriend home. Carl picks up both Sweet and his girlfriend, who are immediately chased by three Seville Boulevard Families gang cars. After fending off the pursuing gang members, Carl drives Sweet and his girlfriend back to Sweet's house, where Sweet pledges to end the "green on green" war.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get over to Sweet before the Seville Boulevard set finish him off.
    • Get over to Emmet's if you need a piece.
  • The Seville Boulevard Families have Sweet surrounded in his girl's flat. Take those Seville boys out!
  • Fetch a four door car to pick up Sweet and his girl.
  • Get back to your hood.

Instructional Messages

Use low walls and objects for cover.


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect. The mission Cesar Vialpando is also unlocked.


Carl Johnson searches Sweet's House for Sweet Johnson
CJ: Sweet, Smoke? Shit, where all the homies at? Fuck they at? Damn. Fuck it.
CJ goes outside and gets a phone call.
CJ: Eh?
Sweet: Carl no time to chit chat! Been seeing a Seville Families bia. Word got out on the street and the boys don't like it. I'm pinned down in Seville hood, and we need a ride out of here, pronto!
CJ: Oh, for sure man! Hang in there!
(Voice only):
Drive by Emmet's and get heated.
CJ drives to the Seville hood to save Sweet, optionally stopping at Emmet's on the way. He clears out all of the Seville Families gang members, before getting another phone call.
(Voice only):
That's my brother! Get a car and we'll meet you out front.
CJ finds four-door car and picks up Sweet and his girlfriend.
Sweet: Seville Families on our case, ni**a!
They are then chased back to Grove Street by the gang members. The lines used by Carl and Sweet to discuss the Families are played randomly.
CJ: Green blasting on green ain't no way to run the Families!
Sweet: Man, Seville Families gone too far this time!
CJ: Shit is crazy, bro! We gotta bring the Families back together!
Sweet: Seville trying to start a war or something!
CJ: Yo' dick getting us both in trouble again, Sweet.
Sweet: She got a sister, CJ, you want her number?
If Carl causes damage to the vehicle.
Sweet: Don't worry, girl, I don't drive as bad as CJ!
CJ, Sweet and his girlfriend stop near Sweet's house.
Sweet: I'll see you inside, baby. Man, this set tripping is killing the Families. You did good back there.
CJ: Hey, I'm a Johnson boy!
Sweet: Hey, I got unfinished business. Big love.


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  • Sweet's girlfriend uses the same model as the receptionist at the Las Venturas Planning Department (during the mission Architectural Espionage) and one of the models on the Zip billboard in Rodeo, as well as a regular pedestrian roaming the streets.
  • Some dialogue from this mission before the action was deleted. For example, Sweet's girlfriend originally spoke during the mission, as evidenced by the audio files.
    • The girlfriend will still speak when bumped into, although these quotes are simply reused from the pedestrian model she uses.
  • Sometimes in the mobile versions of the game, the mission can crash before the cutscene starts. This happens rarely, however, and can be fixed by simply doing other missions beforehand.
  • The vehicles which usually spawn at Grove Street do not spawn after the initial cutscene. However, any vehicle the player brought before this mission will still spawn. This does not happen in The Definitive Edition.
  • When Sweet tells his girlfriend to get inside his house before speaking to Carl, she will instantly disappear once the brothers start talking. This can be observed when looking below Sweet's armpit whilst he is talking to Carl.
  • The in-game text refers to Sweet's girlfriend's house as a "flat". which is the British English equivalent of "apartment", a reference to Rockstar Games' British origins.
  • The Seville Boulevard Gang members are only active during this mission. As when roaming around the area outside of missions, players can still interact with them as if they were Grove Street Families members. This is just to demonstrate that this is another chapter of the Grove Street Families, however they haven't been seeing eye to eye lately in this point of the story.
  • If players cause any damage to the four-door seated vehicle they are driving while on the way back to Grove Street after picking up Sweet and his girlfriend, an additional quote will be used, which includes Sweet stating that he won't drive as bad as CJ to his girlfriend.