Swapmeet is a sitcom advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It broadcasts on Thursday evenings on the Weazel network, making its ninth season premier on October 30th, 1998, in which Lorraine becomes pregnant and Sonar the Dolphin is introduced. The show is apparently a parody of Friends, with a review in the Liberty Tree calling it a "sexually ambiguous situationer" with "great haircuts and apartments". The show has been criticized for painting an unrealistic idea of city life and being generally unfunny. The show is followed in Weasel's schedule by the poorly received Bad T and Theo.

The show was indirectly mentioned by Panjit Gavaskar, the DJ of Radio Del Mundo.


The following are transcribed from radio ads from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Announcer: Thursday nights, don't miss Swapmeet, the highest-paid show on television, as these five crazy buddies with great haircuts and a million dollar apartment try to make sense of the struggles of the big city! And Lorraine's got a big surprise...

Lorraine: Hey, guys, I'm pregnant!

(heartwarming audience reactions)

Marcus: Well, I guess I'm not banging her this season.

(laugh track)

Man: But I thought Jacqueline was pregnant last season, what happened?

Jacqueline: It wasn't good for ratings.

(laugh track)

Announcer: Join the hilarity of this critically-acclaimed smash hit, as three guys and two girls try to be roommates.

Lorraine: Where's the dental dam?!

(laugh track)

Announcer: And will Lorraine and Marcus stay together?

Lorraine: Marcus, Kendall, I thought about it, and I like both of you, if you know what I mean.

(heartwarming audience reactions)

Marcus: I call bottom!

(laugh track)

Announcer: Don't miss Swapmeet, thursday nights, on Weazel.

Announcer: The countdown to the season premiere of the century has begun. Swapmeet, they laugh together, they cry together, they sleep together! And, new this season, because the scriptwriters ran out of ideas, Sonar the Dolphin is living in the bathtub!

(laugh track followed by dolphin chirps)

Man: Aw, my bath smells like fish!

(Sonar chirps)

Man: That is not funny! You like my new haircut?

(laugh track)

Announcer: Swapmeet, thursday nights, right after the season premiere of the coolest cat in Vinewood - it's Bad T and Theo in the hysterical urban-meets-upscale sitcom that combines drive-by shootings and polo!

Bad T: Yeah, boy, that's my horse right there! (gunshots) I'll whoop your ass in cricket, too!

(laugh track)

Announcer: Thursday nights, on Weazel.

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