Swallow is a clothing brand and clothing store in Grand Theft Auto V.


Its in-game website is It parodies the American clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch and more specifically, its Hollister brand. The name of the company is a reference to the swallow, a species of bird native to Europe and North America, also referencing to the act of swallowing semen during oral sex, another one of Rockstar's sexual jokes. The logo features the design of a Swallow in mid-flight.




  • There is a large banner of the company located next to the Caca store on Hawick Avenue that reads "San Androgyny". This message is a reference to GTA San Andreas, since it uses the same "Diploma" text style originally seen on the logotype of the game.
  • In real life, Swallow is a very cheap brand of flip-flops that is manufactured in Medan, Indonesia. Coincidentally, the company's Bleeter page also claimed that their products are made by Indonesian 12-year-olds.
  • The company's website states that 'an army of oiled-up Aryan metrosexuals blocks the doorway' in their stores, a reference to real-life Hollister, and their accusations of racial bias for mostly employing white models for their store displays and advertisements.
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