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Berkley has his sycophantic lackeys do all his deliveries. Well, we shall hit him where it hurts the most! Bring his mail order model business to its knees!
— Zero

Supply Lines... is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to Carl Johnson by Zero at his RC shop in the Garcia, San Fierro.


CJ enters the shop, looking for Zero. Zero persistently tries to keep him away, stating that he is busy, and there is "top secret" stuff that he does not want CJ to see. CJ continues to search for Zero, and finds him hanging by his underwear in a closet. Zero explains that Berkley humiliated him, and he is in a lot of pain. CJ suggests that he take revenge, so he asks what kind of weapons Zero has. Zero says that he has a miniature plane, and CJ suggests using the plane to humiliate Berkley.

Zero suggests that they destroy Berkley's fleet of delivery couriers. CJ then immediately controls the plane. He maneuvers it to different parts of San Fierro in order to destroy the delivery system before they make their deliveries. He kills five sets of Berkley's delivery personnel, all while watching the fuel of the plane, and controls the plane back to the roof of Zero's shop.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Destroy the couriers before they complete their deliveries
  • Fly back to Zero's roof


The reward for this mission is $5,000. The mission New Model Army is unlocked.


Carl arrives at Zero's shop and finds Zero absent.
CJ: Hey, Zee, where you at?
Zero: Go away, Carl. I'm, I'm very, very busy back here. secret stuff. Not for your eyes. Too sensitive...
CJ: Come on, homie, where are you?
Zero: I said go away, Carl. I don't need any friends today, thank you.
CJ opens a cupboard and finds Zero hung up by his underwear. CJ then laughs at Zero's expense.
CJ: Man, them some pretty strong drawers!
CJ releases him from the cupboard.
Zero: Yes, my hero. Carl, he came back and humiliated me! I shall probably turn to prostitution now, where I will be found dead, and broken. I am a 28 year old man, whose landlord just helped him down from a hook, from which I had been hanging from my underwear, contemplating my inadequacy, for nearly two hours. Ow! Ooh, my crack...
CJ: Look, you gotta get even, homie. What kind of weapons you got?
Zero: Uhh... I've got a prototype of a miniature plane.
CJ: Well with that plane, we gonna go humiliate Berkley.
Zero: OK, cool!
CJ: Man, this is ridiculous.
Zero: That went right up my crack...
Zero tells about Berkley's delivery plan.
Zero: Berkley has his sycophantic lackeys do all his deliveries. Well, we shall hit him where it hurts the most! Bring his mail order model business to its knees!
CJ controls Zero's RC Baron.
Zero: Launch the Red Baron!
CJ finds one of Berkley's couriers.
Zero: Don't let him get away, punish him for his war crimes!
CJ destroys the courier.
Zero: One down, four to go!
CJ finds and destroys the second courier.
Zero: Ha ha, only three delivery boys left!
CJ finds the third courier.
Zero: He's armed his lieutenants, be careful, Carl!
CJ destroys the third one.
Zero: Only two left now, Carl - HUNT THEM DOWN!
CJ finds the fourth courier.
Zero: Fight or die Carl, it's the only choice we have.
CJ destroys the fourth one.
Zero: Just one more and Berkley's mail order department is finished!
CJ finds and destroys the final courier.
Zero: Now get her back home in one piece, before she runs out of fuel!
CJ lands the plane back on Zero's roof.
Zero: The smell, you know that ozone smell, smells like... victory!

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  • As with the others in the Zero strand, this mission is optional in relation to the overall storyline but is mandatory for 100% completion of the game.
  • During this mission, the police officers are rural police officers and they drive Rangers. They will not shoot the player since the wanted level is disabled in the mission even if the player shoots them, same applies to the Beefy Baron minigame.
  • The plane is everything but bulletproof, as it is totally unfazed even if there are multiple explosions/flames/crashes. If the plane flips over, it will revert the flip without taking any damage from it.
  • Zero's quote, "The smell, you know that ozone smell smells like...victory!" is a reference to the movie Apocalypse Now, specifically to Lieutenant Colonel William "Bill" Kilgore's well-known quote "The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like... victory."[1].
  • If the plane is destroyed by gunfire or crashes, Zero can be heard shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" before the mission fails.
  • If the plane runs out of fuel, Zero can be heard saying "My humiliation... is complete." as the mission fails.
  • According to two cut voice lines for Zero, the RC Baron was originally supposed to be battery powered.
  • The original version of the mission was so difficult that the actor of Zero (David Cross) hated the mission and said that he "couldn't fucking do it".[2]
  • Zero and this mission are referenced during a break on the Kult FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto Online, by DJ Zachary, who is also voiced by David Cross.