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For the side mission, see Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

Sunshine Autos, also known as the Sun Yard, is a car showroom in Vice City. Located just south of Little Havana, it is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and its prequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


In GTA Vice City Stories, circa 1984, Sunshine Autos is a small dealership located next to the Vice City Trailer Park, with a new showroom under construction next to it. Construction of the new dealership was done by T.U.M.E. Construction.

By 1986, the new showroom has been completed, with the old dealership demolished and being replaced by a vacant lot with the trailer park also being cleared and turned into a vacant lot. The dealership is bought by retired footballer BJ Smith and renamed BJ's Used Autos. However, Smith quickly runs into financial difficulties and the police begin to monitor his activities, so Smith sells the dealership to Tommy Vercetti for $50,000. Once purchased by Vercetti, the dealership reverts to its original name. Vercetti uses the showroom to sell stolen cars from four lists. Once all the requested vehicles have been retrieved, the business generates an income of $9,000.

Landscape Features

In 1986, Sunshine Autos features a modern two-floor showroom. Outside the showroom, a ramp leads down to four two-car garages, an import garage and a Spray'n'go shop (the only such establishment in the city). Next to the import garage is a map detailing street races located across the city.

The showroom site crosses the border of two districts. The showroom itself is in Viceport but the garages are located in Little Havana.

Special Vehicles Available

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Once all the listed cars are delivered to A+B Auto's Sunshine Autos Import Garage in GTA Vice City, the Deluxo, Sabre Turbo, Sandking and Hotring Racer cars start spawning inside. Also before these cars start to spawn, a Sentinel can be found inside.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

In GTA Vice City Stories, several special vehicles are available for purchase after completing several missions:


Radio Commercial

BJ Smith: Hi, I'm BJ Smith, tight-end for the Vice City Mambas and proud proprietor of BJ's Used Autos. Cars from all over America come to find a new home in Florida, just like you. I moved here after the draft, football, not Vietnam, even though they do have a lot in common. I noticed there was one thing missing from this great town - a celebrity endorsed used car shop. That's why I founded BJ's Used Autos. Every one of these beauties is freshly painted, they look brand new. We have new models coming in every morning, usually around 2 AM. We can get you anything, and if you see the car of your dreams, tell us - we can acquire it for you! I've taken the skills I've learned as a pro football player to the used car business: smash, grab and ride out! BJ's Used Autos - I'm tackling low prices with hot cars!

Intro Cutscene Transcript

Tommy Vercetti goes to greet the former showroom's owner, BJ Smith.
BJ Smith: BJ Smith. And you must be Mr. Vercetti. Would you like the tour?
Tommy: Might as well.
BJ Smith: Well, I'm very sad to be selling the dealership to y'all. This was my first investment after I turned pro. But now, it's time for me to move on.
Tommy: You're leaving town? Not in too much of a hurry, I hope?
BJ Smith: No, I'm just coming out of retirement, and preparing for my future comeback. The business wasn't too strong, and my staff took it upon themselves to get a bit more creative with the generation of wealth.
A Sabre Turbo passes by the dealership down the ramp.
BJ Smith: Obviously, I could wind down the business before I hand it over. Hell, I could burn the place down if I wanted to. This is prime development land.
Tommy: Oh, I wouldn't worry about any of that. This place seems perfect.
BJ Smith: Yeah, it does. So I take it we have a deal?


  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the Sunshine Autos purchase cutscene is "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Flash FM.
  • Although named BJ's Used Autos when under BJ Smith's ownership, the dealership signs and the game data always read Sunshine Autos.

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