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A submachine gun is an automatic weapon, smaller in size than an assault rifle, that fires pistol-caliber ammunition. Said term is widely abbreviated as SMG.

Easily maneuvered and with relatively good fire power, SMGs such as the MP5 are used all over the world by military and high-level law enforcement, as well as some criminal organizations.

In the Grand Theft Auto series, SMGs generally exceeds over Handguns in terms of fire rate, although fast-firing handguns exists (refered as Machine Pistols). Similarly, they are usually wielded with both hands, but some of them are wielded with just one hand.

List of weapons

Image Name Description First Appearance
Micro SMG The Micro SMG, widely known as the Uzi, is one of the most basic SMGs available through the series, often given to the player as an "upgrade" of the Pistol, having an automatic firing mode and being the cheapest of its class. Grand Theft Auto III
Gold SMG The Gold SMG is a gold-plated, larger version of the Micro SMG, having higher fire rate, but is heavier. It shares most of its other properties with the Micro SMG. The Ballad of Gay Tony
Machine Gun The Machine Gun is a weapon appeared mainly in the 2D Universe games. It serves as a rapid-fire version of the Pistol. Grand Theft Auto
Silenced Machine Gun The Silenced Machine Gun is the silenced version of the Machine Gun, having a suppressor fitted on the barrel to reduce noise. Grand Theft Auto 2
Mac 10 The Mac 10 is a highly compact, blowback operated machine pistol, with an easy operation and good accuracy. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Tec-9 The Tec-9, known as the Machine Gun in the HD Universe, is a compact blowback-operated semi-automatic handgun, which has moderate damage and good mobility. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Mini SMG The Mini SMG, known as the Scorpion in the 3D Universe, is a small fully-automatic gun with similar properties to the Tec-9. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
MP5 The MP5, also known as the SMG, is a large and powerful weapon that has 30 rounds per magazine. It is often powerful than the Micro SMG, at the cost of lacking versatility. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
SMG Mk II The SMG Mk IIis an upgraded version of the Pistol, being a bit more powerful and having a bit more versatility for Drive-Bys. Grand Theft Auto Online (Gunrunning)
Assault SMG The Assault SMG is a personal defense weapon with similar statistics to most large SMGs, but having good accuracy and firepower. It appeared first with a suppressor. The Ballad of Gay Tony
Combat PDW The Combat PDW is a personal defense weapon with lower fire rate, but high damage and good accuracy. The integrated suppressor makes it an ideal stealth weapon. Grand Theft Auto V (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1)


  • Oddly enough, the Gusenberg Sweeper, despite being clearly a Submachine gun, is considered in game as a Light Machine Gun and shares ammo with other LMGs such as the MG.

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