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Smart-casual, shabby-chic, modern-vintage, mass-produced fashion. As unsure of its identity as the androgynous 20-somethings who shop there.
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Suburban, formerly known as Sub Urban, (BAWSAQ: SUB) is a clothing store that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.


In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Sub Urban is unlocked after "Nines and AKs". It is one of three clothing stores initially made available in the game (alongside Binco and ProLaps). Presumably marketed towards those interested in modern urbanwear, the store's interior is decorated in a gritty urban theme, and even features a stage. Radio X can be heard playing inside Sub Urban stores. There are three Sub Urban outlets in the state.

The brand is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV, where it is advertised on the website and owns the White Widow brand. It is sold in the Go Out store on East Island City, with the logo from GTA San Andreas on it. An alternate logo also exists in IV which features the name in block letters, although "Sub" and "Urban" remained separate. This logo would serve as a prototype for the logo that would debut in Grand Theft Auto V.

In Grand Theft Auto V, the stores reappear as accessible clothing stores. The stores replace the grungy urban theme seen in San Andreas in favor for a cleaner and more modern look in its stores, featuring brick or plaster walls, wood or concrete flooring, and neon colors and lights, a style reflecting contemporary hipster aesthetics of the early 2010s. Its logo has been updated to feature block lettering that was prototyped in GTA IV and the store has been re-named as one word. It serves as a replacement for the Modo stores of Liberty City, selling mid-range clothing. The player can buy stocks from them on the website. Their clothing stores, along with Binco's, play songs from Radio Mirror Park.


Suburban appears to be based on Urban Outfitters, judging by the name and the "hipster" clothing it sells.

Clothing in GTA San Andreas

Shared interior of all Sub Urban clothing shops in GTA San Andreas.

You want to be a rapper, but live in the suburbs and get driven around by mom? Then this is the place for you. They got everything from east and west coasts, so you can look ridiculous no matter what your musical tastes.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Website

Sub Urban may be considered a lower-mid range clothing outlet, and like Binco, specializes in generic attire or urbanwear popular among street gangs. However, items on offer in the store generally cost more than those in Binco, though they are still priced reasonably as most of them still cost below $100.

For a comprehensive list of clothing available from Sub Urban in GTA San Andreas, see /Clothing in GTA San Andreas.

Items in GTA V

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V

There are 5 locations in San Andreas:

Featured Brands

This is a list of featured brands Suburban is known to carry.

GTA San Andreas

GTA V and GTA Online




An Eris T-Shirt, next to a SubUrban T-shirt in Manhunt.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • By zooming in on the mirrors next to the changing rooms with a Camera or a Sniper Rifle, the player can catch a glimpse of a portion of the Hidden Interiors Universe; an Ammu-Nation store layout, complete with a shooting range, is also visible from that position. The Ammu-Nation interior belongs to the Ocean Flats branch.
  • The interior of the shop has a surfboard with a Rockstar Games logo on it, along with a plaid pattern.
  • On one of the Sub Urban billboards, different brands can be seen. These are Ranch, SEMI and Mercury, as well as two brands "Wanabe" and "Mountain" that are not seen in the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • In the first gameplay video, protagonist Franklin is seen browsing clothing in a Sub Urban store.
  • Suburban has three cash registers and can be robbed for about $1,215.
  • If the player visits the store in Hawick as Michael after Friend Request, the store cashier will ask him how his interview went. If the player makes return visits, Michael will have various conversations with her, often pointing out his age and claims it is difficult to find suitable clothing for a man of his age at the store. Michael will also claim that the cashier is "terrible" at selling.
  • According to the cashier at the Suburban in Hawick, they do not hire anyone who is aged over 25 or overweight. They also make the employees wear certain clothes when working in the store.
  • If the player enters a Suburban store with a wanted level, the redheaded clerk will ask the player to leave, as she claims she doesn't want to be sent back to prison by her parole officer.
  • Similarly to the Ammu-Nation clerks, some of whom say they "hardly exist outside this store", the Suburban clerks will sometimes complain that they feel as if their shift "is never going to end".

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