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Stunt Plane Time Trials are special time trial competitions in Grand Theft Auto V.


They consist of timed races around a course which must be completed using a Mallard in a certain amount of time. This side mission is only available in the Special/Collector's Edition and Enhanced version.

This mission becomes available immediately after Franklin and Lamar. It can be accessed by entering a Mallard parked outside the plane hangar at the Sandy Shores Airfield. There are five different time trials that consist of flying under, over and through bridges, passing by landmarks and flying low, all within a time limit. The player is also rewarded with medals (gold, silver, or bronze), depending on how well they performed the time trial, just like the Flight School lessons.

The Mallard is extremely difficult to handle, and it's not recommended to try these challenges without a full flying ability gauge. Completing Flight School is the best way to build up this ability, plus it teaches how to do knife and inverted flying, two stunts that are incorporated into the trial.

Time Trials

The five time trials to pass are:

Time Trial Image Description Given Vehicle GTA V Stunt Plane Gold.png GTA V Stunt Plane Silver.png GTA V Stunt Plane Bronze.png
Bridge Binge
GTA V Stunt Plane Trial 1.png
Race through a low valley passing over and under bridges. Mallard 01:10 01:40 02:10
Vinewood Flyby
GTA V Stunt Plane Trial 2.png
Race through the hills, passing the Vinewood Sign. Mallard 01:15 01:37 02:00
Engineered Bridgework
GTA V Stunt Plane Trial 3.png
Race under, over and through a series of bridges. Mallard 01:12 01:36 02:00
Airport Flyby
Race over the downtown airport. Mallard 02:00 02:25 02:50
GTA V Stunt Plane Trial 5.png
Race across the mountains with severe changes in altitude. Mallard 01:55 02:27 03:00



  • The Mallard used in the time trials has corporate sponsorship logos painted on it; this is random so the plane will have a different appearance each time it is approached.

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