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I like you, big boy. Maybe you can help. Maybe you can prove you a man. Huh? Take out the boat. Show me you got some big cojones, and not some little bitty chiquita ones.
Umberto Robina

Stunt Boat Challenge is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Cubans leader Umberto Robina from his father's cafe in Little Havana, Vice City.



Tommy Vercetti receives a call on the mobile phone he stole from Leo Teal from Umberto Robina. After he tells him that he killed Leo, Umberto suggests that he drive to the Café Robina in Little Havana. In the café, Umberto confronts Tommy and questions his masculinity. Tommy insults him right back, and Umberto tells him to prove himself by proving he can drive a boat.

The Mission

Rico, a member of the Cubans, accompanies Tommy to watch him.

The boat must be driven through a series of checkpoints, including some sections through narrow canals, and a few ramps. Losing speed, lack of boat handling and patience can make Tommy lose time and eventually fail the mission. As some of the checkpoints are in the air above the ramps which requires the boat to be driven with enough speed, good handling and patience.

The checkpoint race must be completed in three minutes or the mission is failed. The mission is also failed if the boat is destroyed.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go through the first checkpoint to begin the test.
  • You have three minutes to get round the course.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Auntie Poulet: Tommy, 'nuf dead man been chattin' about you, my dear. Thought you might need something to make you feel better. So Auntie Poulet make you some stew, aye? Come by me kitchen some time, ok Tommy?


The reward for completing this mission is $1,000 and the missions Cannon Fodder and Juju Scramble are unlocked.


Tommy Vercetti enters Café Robina, meeting Umberto Robina and his father, Alberto.
Alberto: Sí, men?
Umberto: Hey, easy Papi, this man's for me. You, you the boy? Oh yeah, you the boy. I think so, you know?
Tommy: No, I don't think I do.
Umberto: Oh yeah? You come here, tough guy. You think you can take me on? You think you can play stupid with me?
Tommy: No, I think you're playing plenty stupid enough for both of us.
Old Man: Hey, he call you dumb, son.
Umberto: And I call him a little girl, Papi. Look at him, all dressed up like that. What is this, ladies night? You some kind of tough guy, you dress like a woman? You got on panties like a woman too, huh?
Tommy: What you got against women? You prefer men, big boy?
Umberto: I like women! I like all women! I love my mother, chico!
Tommy: Alright, alright, I'll take your word for it. Relax.
Umberto: Can you drive, amigo?
Tommy: Yeah... like a woman.
Umberto: (laughs) Very funny. I like you, big boy. Maybe you can help. Maybe you can prove you a man. Huh? Take out the boat. Show me you got some big cojones, and not some little bitty chiquita ones.
Tommy leaves the café and heads to a dock in Leaf Links, where he meets Rico, a Cuban gang member.
Rico: Hey, I'm Rico. You the man with the big cojones?
Tommy: Tommy Vercetti, let's go.
Rico: OK, man, treat her like a woman.
Tommy and Rico get into a Speeder. Tommy must race across Leaf Links and Vice Beach within 3 minutes, while going through narrow canals and jumping ramps along the way.
  • (2nd checkpoint) Amigo, you the man, man.
  • (5th checkpoint) Call yourself a man, man?
  • (10th checkpoint) You a little scaredy kitten, baby boy, go cry to your mommy!
  • (16th checkpoint) Not bad, you're a real man.
  • (23rd checkpoint) Man, you the man, man! I like you, man. I like you a lot.
  • (24th checkpoint) Any time, man. 'cause you got cojones, and all my friends, they got big cojones.
Tommy beats the clock and arrives back at the Leaf Links dock.
Rico: You got big cojones, amigo.
Rico sails away in the boat.


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  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscene is "A Gozar Con Mi Combo" by Cachao. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Radio Espantoso.
  • If the player equipped a machine gun before triggering the mission, it can be used to kill Rico when they get out of the boat (it does not affect the storyline).
  • Umberto asking Tommy if he dresses like a woman is a nod to the beginning of Scarface, where the police officers ask Tony Montana the same question.
  • If the player kills the golfers that always spawn in the Leaf Links part where you jump over collecting the second checkpoint, the player will get a $100 bonus.