Stronzo is an Italian alcoholic beverage in the HD Universe.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, the brand appears in bars such as Lucky Winkles and Steinway Beer Garden. In Grand Theft Auto V, Stronzo bottles can be seen for sale in 24/7, Limited Service and Rob's Liquor convenience stores. A Stronzo sticker can also be seen on the Broken Bottle in the enhanced version.


It is likely a parody of Italian beers Peroni (labeling) and its subsidiary Nastro Azzurro (the blue stripe at bottom). The words "Foschia Rossa" ("Red Mist" in English) may suggest that is a red beer.



  • "Stronzo" is an Italian slang term for asshole and literally translates into "piece of shit". This insult can be commonly heard in Grand Theft Auto III being used by members of the Leone Family.
    • The name might imply that the beer is of poor quality.

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