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I need to find out who's been involved in some recent OTC stock transactions. Extremely covert, off-market stuff. Very lucrative, but no trail online. Merryweather (of course) have been contracted by the investors to secure the documentation and, if my sources are correct, it's being held at the port. If you could get me that info, I'd sleep a lot better tonight.
— Description.

Stocks and Scares is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest. It is available for up to 4 players.


An over-the-counter stock transaction took place in a big warehouse at the port. Merryweather has been contracted to secure the documentation. The team needs to go to the location, eliminate all the Merryweather guards on the first floor, and then one player needs to hack the door access terminal, which gives access to the office containing the safe. One player needs to crack the safe while the other players protect him. After stealing the briefcase from the opened safe, the team needs to deliver the briefcase to Lester's warehouse in Murrieta Heights whilst being followed by Merryweather guards.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Merryweather office.
  • Hack the terminal.
  • Defend your teammate while they hack the terminal. - (Non-hacker player screen)
  • Crack the safe.
  • Defend your teammate while they crack the safe. - (Non-cracker player screen)
  • Steal the briefcase.
  • Deliver the briefcase to Lester's warehouse.

Video Walkthrough


  • The mission's name is a play on the term "stocks and shares".
  • This mission was taken offline in the 1.15 update, due to a glitch involving hacking. The glitch also affected Rich Men in Richman, Hack and Dash and Chemical Extraction, all of which were taken offline as well. All four mission were reintroduced to GTA Online in the 1.16 update.
  • The 1.13 patch caused this mission (and a few other missions) to continuously spawn enemies, which now makes it nearly impossible to complete the mission without the help of other players.
    • It is, however, possible to block the south-east entrance with a vehicle to prevent enemies from entering the warehouse.