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"Collect cargo crates on land and at sea using the Blazer Aqua."

Stockpiling is CEO/VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Import/Export update.

It is available only after the CEO/VIP purchases a Blazer Aqua and can be completed solo.


When activated by a CEO or VIP, a Blazer Aqua Blips-GTAO-StreetBlazer-Friendly (which interestingly uses the Street Blazer's radar icon) will spawn at the nearest coastline (including the Alamo Sea). The Blazer Aquas are painted matte black and dark red, similar to the SuperVolito Carbons during Special Vehicle Work, matching the service's color scheme. Members of the organization are instructed to get on a Blazer Aqua; they are given 3 minutes to reach and get on the quads.

Once the players mount the Blazer Aquas, 30 cargo crates are marked on the map at Blips-GTAO-Stockpiling-Green / Blips-GTAO-Stockpiling-Blue - the green crates are located on land, while the blue crates are located in water. Players have 10 minutes to collect all 30 crates before they are destroyed. The locations of the crates depend on the location at which the mission was started, and are spread out across around a quarter of the map.

The crates themselves glow in the dark and can be collected on foot or while still on the quad itself. All crates are reachable with the Blazer Aqua itself.

Players won't fail the mission for failing to collect all crates within the time and cannot fail the mission unless the time runs out before the players reach the quads, or no crates are collected. The more crates collected, the bigger the cash and RP rewards are after the 10 minutes are up.

"The SecuroServ modified vehicle will now self-destruct. Please stand clear."
SecuroServ text message after completion.

After the time runs out, the Blazer Aquas enter a self-destruct mode of 30 seconds.

"Organization have started Stockpiling. Destroy the cargo crates Blips-GTAO-Stockpiling-Enemy before they are collected to earn cash and RP."

All other players in session can intervene by destroying the crates. This limits the amount of crates the organization collect and potentially forfeit their cash reward at the end of the mission. The more crates destroyed, the bigger the cash reward at the end of the mission.

Stockpiling Locations

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Cargo Crate Locations

Instructional Messages

Stockpiling has started. Use a Blazer Aqua Blips-GTAO-StreetBlazer-Friendly to collect cargo crates dropped on land and at sea to earn cash and RP.
Green cargo crates Blips-GTAO-Stockpiling-Green can be found on land and blue cargo crates Blips-GTAO-Stockpiling-Blue can be found in water. Look for tunnel entrances if you cannot identify a cargo crate's location.
Organization have started Stockpiling. Destroy the cargo crates Blips-GTAO-Stockpiling-Enemy before they are collected to earn cash and RP.


  • As with other missions spread out across the map, communication between team members is essential to ensure members work through the crates systematically and sensibly - working in a clockwise direction while also taking into account the practicality and difficulty each crate's location may serve.



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