Stillwater Ave.

Stillwater Avenue is a street in Dukes featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.

It is the main street in Meadow Hills and abuts Meadows Park. It starts as an overpass off Carson Street, not far from the Beechwood City branch of Burger Shot, then runs through Cerveza Heights, running against the Lynch Street Station, and then goes into Meadow Hills, as explained earlier, runs along side Meadows Park and then stops. It, either, becomes a public footpath, along side the Liberty State Pavillion Towers, or becomes Tudor Street, which is the ring-road around Francis International Airport.

Stevie's Car Thefts

The Sabre GT, wanted by Stevie, can be found just off the Stillwater Avenue/Tudor Street junction, on a driveway



  • The commercial heart of the neighborhood corresponding to Meadow Hills, Forest Hills, is Austin Street, which in turn corresponds to Stillwater Avenue. Both Austin, Texas and Stillwater, Oklahoma are "college towns" in the south-central part of the USA.
  • The name of the street refers to the town of Stilwater featured in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


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