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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Still Slipping Los Santos is a pirate radio station in Grand Theft Auto Online added in The Cayo Perico Heist update on December 15, 2020, that plays experimental electronic music.


UK DJ Joy Orbison has set up shop in Los Santos with hopes of launching his own pirate radio station – Still Slipping Los Santos – out of Mirror Park. Joy is ready to deliver a seamless mix of house, techno, drill and drum-and-bass to the masses – the only problem is he’s having trouble getting a strong enough signal to reach beyond his neighborhood. If he’s going to take his sound city and statewide, he’s going to need some help getting started. Keep an eye out for opportunities to support your local disc-jockey on December 15th.
— Rockstar Newswire [1]

The station is hosted by musician Joy Orbison, and plays experimental electronic, UK hip-hop and dancehall. It was advertised as a techno/drum and bass radio station, but featured a more expansive selection of genres.

Radio Antennas

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Grand Theft Auto Online

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Visit Mirror Park in a vehicle to tune into Joy Orbison's brand new pirate radio station: Still Slipping Los Santos.
This is Joy Orbison calling out to the masses. Next time you're in Mirror Park, give my new station Still Slipping Los Santos a listen.
— Still Slipping Los Santos text

The station initially only has power to broadcast to the immediate Mirror Park area of East Vinewood. When a player is in range of the Mirror Park Tavern for the first time, the current station will fade out in a hiss of static and an HUD message will inform them that the station is available. Every time they get within range thereafter, the HUD message will appear. Whenever a player leaves the range of the transmitter, the radio will encounter interference again and switch from whatever they are listening to, to the next clockwise station, regardless of whether the player had been listening to SSLS while within range.

Radio station available: Still Slipping Los Santos
For anyone tuning in, this is Joy Orbison on Still Slipping Los Santos. We're only able to broadcast locally right now but, with your help, we can boost our signal across San Andreas.
— Still Slipping Los Santos text
Help with the initial set up of Still Slipping Los Santos by locating and repairing all the broken antennas to earn Cash, RP and a bonus reward.

Radio antennas are a collectible added with the station. Collecting them will award the player money and RP and allow them to listen to Still Slipping Los Santos throughout the entire map, instead of only around Mirror Park. There are 10 radio antennas to visit in total, spread over Los Santos and Blaine County.


Song: Preview:
5 Violinos by DJ N***a Fox (2019)
Feediback by Mr. Mankwa (2018)
Not Modular by Mr. Mitch (2019)
The Devil's Dance by Josi Devil (2020) Unavailable on Spotify
A Wah! by Kemikal (2010)
Coyp by Joy Orbison (2018)
"Sparky / Hi Press (Dub)" by Cruel Santino / Robert Fleck (2019/2020)

"No Warnin'" by PA Salieu (2020)
"Almost Blue" by L U C Y (2018)
"Elephant Man" by Time Cow & RTKAL (2020)
"Cayendo (Sango Remix)" by Frank Ocean (2020)

Sango Remix unavailable on Spotify

No Love by DJ Scud (2001) Unavailable on Spotify
Trimmers (Instinct Remix) by Frankel & Harper (2019)
Givin' Up On Love by Horsepower Productions (2001) Unavailable on Spotify
Shippuden by Blanco (2020)
Polar by Pearly (2019)
Digdim Patrol 2016 by Dj Byano (2016)

2016 Version not available on Spotify

Operation by Instinct (2020)
Whip (Acapella) by KO (2019)
Pieces of 8 by Overmono (2020)
Bromley by Joy Orbison & Overmono (2019)
Babylon Can't Roll by Mez (2020)
Joyride (Instrumental) by Spooky Bizzle (2018)
Wealthy Humans by Céline Gillain (2018)
Mad About Bars by Kwengface (2020)
No Rap Cap by M1llionz (2018)
Party Popper by Backroad Gee (2020)
Shower Hour by Waifer (2012) Unavailable on Spotify
Movements by KO & Joy Orbison (2020) Unavailable on Spotify
Mad Friday by RAP (2019)
Presence: Martin by Thomas Bush (2018) Unavailable on Spotify
Submission by Poison Anna (2020)



  • SSLS is the first pirate music station to be featured in GTA Online, and as the Joy notes, the only one.
  • While the radio antennas were available during the first week of the Cayo Perico Heist update, Joy would comment that he was still getting used to things as a broadcasting radio DJ.
  • Most of the breaks between songs feature answering machine messages, usually left by the artists who's song is next to be played.
  • The only commercial break to play are ads for Blarneys Stout spoken by a man in an Irish accent, served in the Mirror Park Tavern, the pub housing and sponsoring the station.
    • Joy asks listeners to not judge him on the ad as sponsorship is necessary, but notes that the tavern is a nice pub.
    • The commercial also uniquely features a text desciption within the Radio Station Wheel, displayed as "COMMERCIAL - MIRROR PARK TAVERN".

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