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Nah, I kicked the pipe. JB too. For real this time. Can you cover one more job, boo, just till he get out of the sickness?
— Tonya

Still Pulling Favors is a Strangers and Freaks side mission in Grand Theft Auto V. Completing this side-mission contributes toward 100% Completion.


Franklin receives a text from Tonya and calls her to hear her elaborate. She claims that she and JB have gone clean, but that JB is feeling sick because of it.

Too sick to work, so she asks Franklin to help her tow another car.

Yet again, Franklin reluctantly agrees.


After completing "Pulling Favors Again" Tonya will send Franklin a text asking him to call her so she can elaborate on her situation.

Drive the truck through an exit gate and a blue dot will appear on the map signifying the location of the stalled car you must tow. The car is stranded on Spanish Avenue.

Drive to the car and allow its driver to enter the tow truck. Then position the tow truck in front or behind the stalled vehicle and back into it. Lower the tow hitch by holding down on the L stick, and when it is close enough to the vehicle it will auto-attach. Then push up on the L-stick to raise the hitched car.

Drive east down Spanish Avenue to the Auto Exotic Garage on Elgin Avenue in Vinewood (a yellow dot and path will appear to assist you). If you drive too erratically or collide with too many obstacles, the car will become unhitched and you will have to hook it back up again.

Once at the repair shop, drive it onto the yellow marker, hold down on the L-stick to lower the vehicle, and then hold right on the D-pad to unhitch the car which ends the mission.

Mission Objectives

To complete this mission, the player must:

  • Read Tonya's text and call her.
  • Drive to the tow truck.
  • Find the stalled car.
  • Allow the car's driver to get in the tow truck.
  • Tow the vehicle to Auto Repair shop.
  • Release the vehicle in the drop-off zone.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 06:00
  • Unhook Bonus - Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery


Lifeinvader Posts

  • JB Bradshaw - "Good lookin out for your boy i owe u 1 soon as i got myself stra8"
  • Lamar Davis - "So what's the skinny? You a two truck driver now? That's about the least gangster think i ever heard."

Video Walkthrough