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Stevie's Car Thefts is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto IV involving the theft of thirty road vehicles for Stevie.


Stevie's Car Thefts are available once the player unlocks the Alderney safehouse and completes the missions "Smackdown" for Derrick McReary and "No. 1" for Brucie Kibbutz. The latter will call Niko Bellic regarding working with his friend, a car dealer named Stevie. Shortly afterwards, Stevie will begin sending Niko text messages, asking him to deliver thirty different vehicles - scattered all across Liberty City and Alderney - to S&M Auto Sales, Stevie's garage in Chase Point, Bohan.

In his text messages, Stevie provides some hints of the vehicle's location, with the information in the text, and the image attached is the exact view of where the vehicle is parked at. The range of searching is usually less than a block. If the player finds and get in the right vehicle, the game shows a message saying, "You've found the vehicle Stevie is looking for."

If the delivered vehicles are in perfect condition, the player will receive the maximum price. Minor damages such barely noticeable scratches will not cause a decrease in the vehicle's price. Serious damages such as broken headlights and deformations will significantly reduce the price, however.

The player can also keep the vehicles for themselves by parking them at the parking spaces, as the vehicle will be respawned at the original location as long as the vehicle is not delivered.

Once all thirty cars are delivered, the player can make some extra cash by bringing in any vehicle they want, at varying prices depending on model and condition, much like the original missions. In addition, these prices can reduce if the same model is regularly sold.

The player also earns the achievement/trophy You Got The Message for delivering all thirty vehicles.

Alternative Walkthrough

  • Players can save the vehicle and game at the South Bohan Safehouse which is about one block away from S&M Auto Sales. If the player then loads their latest saved game they'll have a repaired or new version of the car ready to be delivered and a much smaller distance to traverse.
  • PC users could use a compatible controller with triggers or a steering wheel/pedals, which gives the player more precise and variable control of the vehicle, which just using a keyboard only allows full speed and full steering, making the player have less control and increasing the risk of damage. Another way of repairing the vehicle is by parking the requested car in a safehouse parking space, then driving or running a block or two before returning.
  • If a player wishes to complete these thefts quickly, it is recommended either that they save the game repeatedly at the nearby safehouse in Bohan, or repeatedly use a Pay 'n' Spray until they receive a text. These methods advance the time, which means Stevie will send a text in a matter of minutes after delivering a vehicle, instead of hours. The player can view the amount of vehicles stolen under "Cars Sold to Stevie" in the Score section of the Stats in the pause menu.
  • As most of these vehicles are required to be stolen, smashing the window to hijack the car does not count as damage. Therefore, the player can simply steal the car and take to the marked garage directly.

List of vehicle requests

Vehicle Image Location Max value
Keywords of the hints Location address
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-BansheePhoto.jpgBanshee SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Banshee.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-BansheeLocation.jpg
District: Middle Park West
Street: Galveston Avenue
Landmark: Randolf Art Center
Pic: Randolf Art Center
Across the road from Randolf Art Center, Galveston Avenue, Middle Park West, Algonquin. $26,400
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-BobcatPhoto.jpgBobcat SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Bobcat.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-BobcatLocation.jpg
District: Francis International Airport, Dukes
Street: Algonquin-Dukes Expressway
Landmark: Top floor of the airport car park
Pic: a large satellite dish
Rooftop of the multistory parking lot, Francis International Airport, Dukes. $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-BuccaneerPhoto.jpgBuccaneer SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Buccaneer.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-BuccaneerLocation.jpg
District: Industrial District
Street: Lompoc Avenue
Pic: a building with two large pillars below
Near the warehouse off Lompoc Avenue (the one from Hostile Negotiation), Industrial. $5,940
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CavalcadePhoto.jpgCavalcade SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Cavalcade.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CavalcadeLocation.jpg
District: Leftwood
Street: Manzano Road
Landmark: Westdyke Memorial Hospital
Pic: (The red neon sign of the hospital)
In a driveway north of the corner where Long John Avenue meets Manzano Road (just north of the Westdyke Memorial Hospital), Leftwood, Alderney. $23,100
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CognoscentiPhoto.jpgCognoscenti SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Cognoscenti.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CognoscentiLocation.jpg
District: Alderney City
Street: Lyndon Avenue
Landmark: n/a
Pic: Alderney Museum
In a corner alley where Boyden Avenue meets the east end of Lyndon Avenue, Alderney City, Alderney. $29,700
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CometPhoto.jpgComet SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Comet.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CometLocation.jpg
District: Westminster
Street: n/a
Landmark: near the Swingers golf club
Pic: Burger Shot and the large parking lot at front
Golden Pier parking lot, Westminster, Algonquin. $19,800
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-ContenderPhoto.jpgContender SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Contender.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-ContenderLocation.jpg
District: BOABO
Street: Creek Street
Landmark: Twitchin's
Pic: part of the Twitchin's Sugar Factory's building
In the Twitchin's Sugar Factory compound, Creek Street, BOABO, Broker. $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CoquettePhoto.jpgCoquette SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Coquette.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-CoquetteLocation.jpg
District: Suffolk
Street: Liberty Lane
Landmark: Suffolk church (by "A fuckin' priest")
Pic: Suffolk Church
In front of the Suffolk church, Liberty Lane, Suffolk, Algonquin. $13,530
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DF8-90Photo.jpgDF8-90 SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DF8-90.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DF8-90Location.jpg
District: Hove Beach
Street: Crockett Avenue
Landmark: car park under the station by the amusement park
Pic: under a building with amusement park as background
Underneath Hove Beach station, Crockett Avenue, Hove Beach, Broker. $5,940
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DilettantePhoto.jpgDilettante SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Dilettante.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DilettanteLocation.jpg
District: Willis
Street: Carrollton Street and Saratoga Avenue
Landmark: in front of the store
Pic: Big Willis Mall at the back
Across the street from Big Willis Mall, Carrollton Street and Saratoga Avenue, Willis, Dukes. $6,600
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DukesPhoto.jpgDukes SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Dukes.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-DukesLocation.jpg
District: East Holland
Street: Vauxite Street
Landmark: n/a
Pic: Modo
Vauxite Street (across the intersection from Modo), East Holland, Algonquin. $7,260
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-FaggioPhoto.jpgFaggio Sport SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Faggio.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-FaggioLocation.jpg
District: Chinatown
Street: Diamond Street
Landmark: Dragon Heart Plaza
Pic: Dragon Heart Plaza
Across the street from Dragon Heart Plaza, Diamond Street, Chinatown, Algonquin. $2,310
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-FreewayPhoto.jpgFreeway SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Freeway.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-FreewayLocation.jpg
District: Willis
Street: Saratoga Avenue
Landmark: Willis Wash and Lube
Pic: Willis Wash and Lube
In front of the Willis Wash and Lube, Saratoga Avenue, Willis, Dukes. $6,600
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-HuntleySportPhoto.jpgHuntley Sport SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-HuntleySport.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-HuntleySportLocation.jpg
District: Northern Gardens
Street: Leavenworth Avenue
Landmark: LCPD station
Pic: parking lot of the Northern Gardens LCPD Station
Next to the Northern Gardens LCPD Station (attached to the Bohan Medical & Dental Center), Leavenworth Avenue, Northern Gardens, Bohan. $13,200
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-InfernusPhoto.jpgInfernus SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Infernus.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-InfernusLocation.jpg
District: Downtown Broker
Street: Montauk Avenue and Earp Street
Landmark: near Outlook Park
Pic: the arch of Soldiers Plaza
On the corner of Montauk Avenue and Earp Street (east), Downtown Broker. $33,000
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-IntruderPhoto.jpgIntruder SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Intruder.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-IntruderLocation.jpg
District: Rotterdam Hill
Street: Asparagus Avenue
Landmark: near the Liberty Transport Authority building
Pic: the reversed "BETTA" sign
On the southern end of the pedestrian promenade, Asparagus Avenue, Rotterdam Hill, Broker. $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-MananaPhoto.jpgManana SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Manana.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-MananaLocation.jpg
District: Cerveza Heights
Street: Thornton Street
Landmark: (behind) old Burger Shot, Huntington St station
Pic: n/a
Car park next to a closed Burger Shot, Thornton Street, Cerveza Heights, Dukes. $3,960
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-MoonbeamPhoto.jpgMoonbeam SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Moonbeam.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-MoonbeamLocation.jpg
District: Charge Island
Street: n/a
Landmark: n/a
Pic: a spherical storage tank behind a parking lot
Parking lot just north of the water treatment plant in Charge Island. $7,260
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-NRG900Photo.jpgNRG 900 SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-NRG900.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-NRG900Location.jpg
District: Lancaster
Street: Bismarck Avenue and Topaz Street
Landmark: n/a
Pic: n/a
On the corner of Bismarck Avenue and Topaz Street, Lancaster, Algonquin. $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-PatriotPhoto.jpgPatriot SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Patriot.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-PatriotLocation.jpg
District: Castle Gardens
Street: South Parkway
Landmark: two joined towers
Pic: two joined towers
In front of a glass clad tower (connected to another tower via a skyway), South Parkway, The Exchange, Algonquin. $16,500
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-PMP600Photo.jpgPMP 600 SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-PMP600.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-PMP600Location.jpg
District: The Exchange
Street: n/a
Landmark: down a lane
Pic: n/a
Behind the Liberty City Stock Exchange (in an alley next to Bank of Liberty), Amsterdam Lane, The Exchange, Algonquin. $10,560
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-RancherPhoto.jpgRancher SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Rancher.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-RancherLocation.jpg
District: Port Tudor
Street: Strower Avenue
Landmark: Liberty State Delivery by the docks
Pic: several harbor cranes behind
Parked behind a trailer in Strower Avenue, Port Tudor, Alderney. $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-ReblaPhoto.jpgRebla SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Rebla.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-ReblaLocation.jpg
District: Easton
Street: Columbus Avenue
Landmark: Fanny Crab's, Grand Easton station
Pic: Fanny Crab's
In front of the Colonnade Row replica (Fanny Crab's restaurant), Columbus Avenue, Easton, Algonquin. $11,550
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SabreGTPhoto.jpgSabre GT SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SabreGT.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SabreGTLocation.jpg
District: Meadow Hills
Street: Tudor Street
Landmark: near the Meadows Park towers
Pic: Meadows Park towers
On a driveway of a house at Tudor Street, Meadow Hills, Dukes $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SentinelPhoto.jpgSentinel SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Sentinel.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SentinelLocation.jpg
District: Normandy
Street: Roebuck Road
Landmark: docks
Pic: some cylindrical fuel storage tank behind a parking lot
In a car park outside the Port Tudor gated entrance, Roebuck Road, Normandy, Alderney $8,250
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SultanPhoto.jpgSultan SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Sultan.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SultanLocation.jpg
District: Berchem
Street: Aspdin Drive
Landmark: drive-way of a big green house
Pic: n/a
On the driveway of a house at Aspdin Drive, Berchem, Alderney. $11,550
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SuperGTPhoto.jpgSuperGT SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SuperGT.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-SuperGTLocation.jpg
District: Chinatown
Street: Calcium Street
Landmark: 69 Exchange
Pic: Bank of Liberty's sign
In front of 69 Exchange, Calcium Street, Chinatown, Algonquin $36,300
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-TurismoPhoto.jpgTurismo SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Turismo.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-TurismoLocation.jpg
District: Westdyke
Street: Owl Creek Avenue
Landmark: large mansion (by "The rich fuck who owns this Turismo")
Pic: n/a
On the driveway of Bryce Dawkins' Mansion on Owl Creek Avenue, Westdyke, Alderney. $36,300
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-VoodooPhoto.jpgVoodoo SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Voodoo.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-VoodooLocation.jpg
District: East Island City
Street: Bunker Hill Avenue
Landmark: LC24 Tower
Pic: LC24 Tower
In front of the LC24 Tower at Bunker Hill Avenue, East Island City, Dukes. $6,600
SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-WashingtonPhoto.jpgWashington SteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-Washington.jpgSteviesCarThefts-GTAIV-WashingtonLocation.jpg
District: Steinway
Street: Franklin Street
Landmark: outdoor pool
Pic: the building of the outdoor pool
In front of Steinway Park, Franklin Street, Steinway, Dukes. $7,260

Post-completion vehicle values

This table shows the maximum value of any vehicle delivered after completing all requests.

Vehicles marked with * are too large to be delivered into the garage; their values are inferred from the game files.

Cosmetically different variants of vehicles, for example gang customized vehicles, the DF8-90 V8 Turbo, or the FlyUS Feroci/Perennial are worth the same as their base models.

Vehicle Max Value ($)
Admiral 2500
Airtug 1500
Banshee 8000
Benson 4000
Biff 4000
Blista Compact 1500
Bobcat 2500
Boxville 1800
Buccaneer 1800
Burrito 2200
Bus 4000
Cavalcade 7000
Cavalcade FXT 5500
Chavos 2000
Cognoscenti 9000
Vehicle Max Value ($)
Comet 6000
Contender 2500
Coquette 4100
DF8-90 1800
Dilettante 2000
Dukes 2200
Emperor 2500
Enforcer 4000
Esperanto 1800
Esperanto (Roman's Taxi) 2000
Faction 1800
Faggio Sport 700
Feltzer 3000
Feroci 1800
Flatbed* 4000^
Vehicle Max Value ($)
Forklift 2500
Fortune 1600
Freeway 2000
Futo 1400
Futo GT 1400
Habanero 3200
Hakumai 1500
Hellfury 2500
Huntley Sport 4000
Infernus 10000
Ingot 1000
Intruder 2500
Landstalker 3000
Laundromat 2200
Lokus 1300
Vehicle Max Value ($)
Manana 1200
Marbelle 1500
Merit 1800
Minivan 2000
Moonbeam 2200
Mr. Tasty 2200
Mule* 2500
NRG-900 2500
Oracle 2500
Packer* 4000
Patriot 5000
PCJ 600 2000
Perennial 2200
Peyote 2500
Phantom 4000
Vehicle Max Value ($)
Pinnacle 2000
PMP 600 3200
Pony 1800
Premier 1800
Presidente 2500
Primo 1800
Rancher 2500
Rebla 3500
Ripley 2500
Romero 2200
Ruiner 1900
Sabre 2000
Sabre GT 2500
Sanchez 1200
Schafter 2500
Vehicle Max Value ($)
Securicar 4000
Sentinel 2500
Solair 2000
Speedo 2000
Stallion 2200
Steed 2200
Stratum 1800
Stretch 2500
Sultan 3500
Sultan RS 2500
SuperGT 11000
Trashmaster 2200
Turismo 11000
Uranus 1500
Vincent 2000
Vehicle Max Value ($)
Vigero 1800
Virgo 1800
Voodoo 2000
Washington 2200
Willard 1800
Yankee* 3000^
Zombie 2500


  • If the player puts their phone on sleep mode at any point after completing Brucie's Exotic Exports, they may never receive Stevie's first text.
    • Stevie's garage will appear on the map, but he will not contact you, and none of the cars will be in the listed locations. This glitch effectively prevents the player from being able to achieve 100% Completion.
  • Some of the cars that had been delivered may still spawn at their respective location.
  • Engaging in a friend activity may cause the delivery mission to be permanently disabled, with Stevie no longer sending messages to Niko for the next vehicle, and all of his messages being removed.

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