Staunton Races are side missions in Grand Theft Auto Advance given to protagonist Mike by the promoter in Rockford, Staunton Island.


To start a race, the player must go to the location in Rockford marked with a checkered flag in the radar. The promoter will give a car to the player and give him a specific time to complete the race.

As the race starts, the player must follow the checkpoints throughout the city. In some of the races, there will be an opponent who will try to crash the player's car. If the player leaves the vehicle will fail the mission.


Course Time Laps Checkpoints Vehicle Opponent Traffic Reward
1 2:00 1 26 Yakuza Yes Yes $10.000
2 2:30 1 31 Diablo Yes Yes $11.000
3 2:30 1 28 Banshee Yes Yes $12.000
4 4:00 1 58 Yakuza Yes Yes $13.000
5 3:00 1 45 Diablo Yes Yes $14.000
6 4:30 1 49 Banshee Yes Yes $15.000



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