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Static Trailers are non-towable trailer props appearing throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. They are commonly used in industrial areas, on farms and within docks to make for a larger variety of scenery.


The typical trailer prop is a non-towable, non-functional and otherwise completely immovable prop object that are permanently assigned to specific areas of the map, or appear during missions.

List of Static Trailers

For a list of towable trailers, see Trailers.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV has a large variety of road trailers which cannot be towed but can be found in various locations, often with a Phantom nearby. The props cannot be moved and are completely indestructible.

Many of these trailers appear to have been the base design for tow-able (and untow-able) trailers in GTA V, notably the dock and flatbed trailers.

Some trailers in GTA IV have a unique license plate reading "ON-10N EC". EC is the common name for all trailer props, while ON-10N is LEET speech for "Onion".

Image Prop name Type Notes
Road Trailers
ec_trailer_cnta / ec_trailer_cntb Container Chassis Trailer Appears to resemble the succeeding Dock Trailer in GTA V. Appears in a blue (triple axle) or red (double axle) design, both without containers mounted.
ec_trailer_fb Flatbed Trailer Appears to resemble the succeeding Army Trailer in GTA V. Blue triple-axle flatbed trailer with front guard.
ec_trailer_frdg Refrigerated Side Trailer Appears to resemble the succeeding Box Trailer in GTA V. Blank double-axle white box trailer with refrigeration unit on the front.
ec_trailer_opntrlr Tipper Trailer Large blue double-axle tipper trailer with rubble inside.
ec_trailer_pipe Flatbed Trailer Red flatbed trailer with yellow piping. Appears to use a combination of the double-axle Container Chassis Trailer as a chassis and the Flatbed Trailer's flat base.
ec_trailer_ptank Tanker Trailer Double-axle tanker trailer. Appears in 5 different brands; blank, RON, Globe Oil, Terroil and Xero.
ec_trailer_side1 Commercial Trailer Double-axle box, curtain-side and fixed container trailers. Appear in different brands;
Curtain-side trailer
Box trailer
Fixed container trailer

Models with different rear guards and side guards.

Grand Theft Auto V

Image Prop name Type Notes
Road Trailers
prop_truktrailer_01a Brute Box Trailer Resembles the towable Box Trailer
prop_flattrailer_01a Brute Flatbed Trailer Triple-axle flatbed trailer, loosely similar to the towable Army Trailer

prop_tanktrailer_01a Brute Tanker Trailer Resembles the towable Tanker Trailer. Appears in orange or red.
prop_byard_trailer_01 Boat Trailer Similar in design to the Boat Trailer, but appears as a twin-axle trailer.
prop_byard_trailer_02 Boat Trailer Single axle counterpart of the previous trailer.
Travel Trailers
prop_trailer_01_new Travel Trailer Large travel trailer resembling an Airstream trailer. Used as the Director Mode trailer. Added in the enhanced version of GTA V.
prop_makeup_trail_01 / prop_makeup_trail_02 Makeup Trailer Triple-axle box trailer used around the Richards Majestic studios. Appearing in closed and expanded form.
prop_set_generator_01 Generator Trailer
Food Trailers
prop_food_van_01 Food Trailer Small ice-cream food trailer.
prop_food_van_02 Food Trailer Small food trailer with open hatch.
Farm Trailers
prop_sprayer HVY Spray Trailer Small spray trailer resembling a GlidePath Spray Trailer.
prop_trailer01 / prop_trailer01_up Brute Dumper Trailer Large dumper trailer resembling the towable Graintrailer. Appears in raised, lowered and snowy forms.
prop_haybailer_01 HVY Baler Trailer Small hay-bailing trailer resembling a Holland 273 baler.
prop_side_spreader HVY Side Spreader Small side-spreading trailer resembling a Abbey side spreader. Available in snowy form.
prop_waterwheela / prop_waterwheelb HVY Water Reel Water reel trailer resembling a Forrás 75/350 water reel. Appears in default and rotated positions.
prop_roundbailer01 / prop_roundbailer02 Brute Round Baler Round Baler resembling a John Deere 575 round baler. Appears in closed, open and snowy form.
prop_grain_hopper HVY Grain Hopper Small twin-axle grain hopper. Available in snowy form (debadged).
Airport Trailers
prop_air_bagloader / prop_air_bagloader2 Brute Round Baler Appears in two different positions; partially lowered and fully raised.
prop_air_cargoloader_01 Brute "Constable 2a" Cargo Loader
prop_air_fueltrail1 / prop_air_fueltrail2 Fuel Trailer Available in two colors; green and light orange.
prop_air_gasbogey_01 Nitrogen Gas Bogey
prop_air_generator_01 Small Generator Trailer
prop_air_generator_03 Large Generator Trailer
prop_air_stair_01 / prop_air_stair_03 Aircraft Stair Trailer Available with or without FlyUS branding.
prop_air_stair_02 Aircraft Stair Trailer Yellow model.
prop_air_stair_04a / prop_air_stair_04b Aircraft Stair Trailer Available in partially or fully collapsed form.
prop_air_trailer_1a / prop_air_trailer_1b / prop_air_trailer_1c / prop_air_trailer_2a / prop_air_trailer_2b Cargo Trailers Available with or without FlyUS branding. Appears with or without side curtains.
prop_air_trailer_3a / prop_air_trailer_3b Flatbed Cargo Trailers Open-air model of the previous trailers.
prop_air_trailer_4a / prop_air_trailer_4b / prop_air_trailer_4c Luggage Trailers Two different sizes.
prop_air_towbar_01 / prop_air_towbar_02 / prop_air_towbar_03 Aicraft Towbar Two different models and colours.
Horse-Drawn Trailers
prop_potatodigger Potato Digger
prop_scythemower Scythe Mower


Grand Theft Auto IV

Burger Shot Trailer
Alpha Mail Trailer
Liberty State Delivery Trailer
Post OP Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
RON Tanker Trailer
Terroil Tanker Trailer

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