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For the port area, see New Guernsey.

The State of New Guernsey[1] is an American state located to the west of Liberty City that appears in Grand Theft Auto.


Although the two states are independent of one another, New Guernsey is considered part of Liberty City's metropolitan area, but it is unknown whether what is seen in-game is the whole of the state or simply a section of it. New Guernsey is based on the State of New Jersey. It is only revealed to be a separate state on the official website, although it shares the same public services as Liberty City, including the LCPD and the LCFD.

The New Guernsey area visited in-game features a military base, a public park where missions are given via payphones, and a dock where stolen vehicles can be delivered for money.

The state is connected with Liberty City by the Guernsey City Bridge, the Eaglewood Bridge and the Schlechberg Bridge, although the latter is destroyed during the events of the game.


The districts of New Guernsey are based on real areas in New Jersey, while their names are derived from those of their real-life counterparts:


Little is known about the history of New Guernsey. However, on the official Grand Theft Auto website, it is implied that it was established shortly after Liberty City in the early 1600s.


The state is based on the State of New Jersey, located across the river from New York City, the main inspiration for Liberty City.

New Guernsey is named after the island of Guernsey in the English Channel. This reflects the name of New Jersey, which is named after Jersey, another island in the English Channel.


New Guernsey is the main territory of the Sonetti Crime Family, a Mafia family led by Don Sonetti (also known as "Bald Man" Sonetti), who in 1997 are trying to expand their business across the river to Liberty City, where another Mafia family, the Vercotti Crime Family, operates.

Aside from Sonettis, there are a few small-time street gangs in New Guernsey as well, such as The Angels outlaw motorcycle club.

In 1997, a hired gun from the Vercottis engages in a major gang war against the Sonettis, which results in the death of Don Sonetti and the fall of the Sonetti Crime Family.


New Guernsey features two LCTU stations (Fort Law and Guernsey City) as part of the neighbouring Liberty City subway system.

In the Game Boy Color port of Grand Theft Auto, the subway trains, rail bridges and tunnels are absent due to hardware limitations, while subway station platforms are replaced by buildings with a "subway" sign, which are used as a fast travel point to each station.

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