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The State of New Guernsey[1] is an American state located to the west of Liberty City. Although the two states are completely independent from one another, New Guernsey is known by many as being part of Liberty City's metropolitan area, but it is unknown whether what is seen in-game is the whole of the state or simply a section of it. New Guernsey is based on the State of New Jersey.



Not much is known about the history of New Guernsey. However, on the official GTA 1 website, is implied that it was established shortly after Liberty City.


The districts of the state of New Guernsey are evidently based on real life areas in New Jersey, while their names are wordplay's of those from their real life counterparts:

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  1. "... Founded on land bought off native Indians for just $37, a barrel of mead and a sack of feathers by Belgian settlers in 1603, the ancient 5 boroughs of Liberty Island (incorporating Nixon Island and Law Island), The Brix, Estoria, Kings and Brocklyn have effectively been joined in the metropolitan area by urban areas from the neighbouring state of New Guernsey... " - Official GTA 1 website -> Cities -> Liberty City
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