"I see cliffs in a silent desert.
I see beautiful trees in an arid land.
Nazar Speaks references to New Austin locations.

The State of New Austin, also referred to as "The Frontier", is an American state that is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto Online and appears as a setting in the Red Dead series, as part of the Redemption continuity (Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online).


As seen in the Red Dead series, set in the early 1900s, the State of New Austin lies between Nuevo Paraíso (Mexico) to the south and West Elizabeth to the northeast. It comprises four regions: Cholla Springs, Gaptooth Ridge, Hennigan's Stead, and Río Bravo.


Geographically, New Austin seems to correspond with Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas; from Red Dead's in-game geography perspective, as well as clues from the terrain in out-of-bounds areas, it seems that areas representing central and eastern Texas exist between New Austin (and its Mexican neighbor, Nuevo Paraiso) and the state of Lemoyne.

The terrain of New Austin resembles aspects of several real Southwestern U.S. states:

  • Cholla Springs resembles the Sonoran Desert region of Arizona, including saguaro cactus, desert scrub, and prickly pears.
  • The scrub desert of Río Bravo is strongly reminiscent of the Chihuahua Desert regions of New Mexico, but also bears a resemblance to the cliffs within the Diablo Canyon Recreational Area park in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Gaptooth Ridge is mostly based on the transitional area between the Sonoran and Mojave Desert regions of western Arizona with its Joshua trees, tan rocks, saguaro cactus, and rugged formations, and Arizona is the only American state where both Joshua trees and saguaro cacti naturally occur. This area also has light influences from southern California and Nevada.
  • Hennigan's Stead resembles many parts of Texas; the central area is based on many areas in Central Texas such as Hill Country, with its dry plains, oak trees, and small hills; the bordering area with Cholla Springs is heavily based on Big Bend Country, which is more desert-like and has many canyons and ridges. Finally, the areas east of Stillwater Creek are bayous, and are based on the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

In the Grand Theft Auto Series

The state was first mentioned by name in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update for Grand Theft Auto Online, where the player can sell their Warehouse cargo to New Austin Capital from the state. The same company later appears in the After Hours update as a buyer business for the player's Nightclub goods. New Austin is the only Red Dead location mentioned by name in the Grand Theft Auto series.

In The Diamond Casino Heist update, the Nazar Speaks fortune-telling machine was added for the Arcades. The machine features an animatronic version of Madam Nazar, a major character from Red Dead Online. There are multiple fortunes the player can receive from Madam Nazar, many of which are references to both the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series, including references to New Austin and a possible reference to Gaptooth Ridge.

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