State of Liberty (also known as Liberty State or "Liberty City State" on license plates) is an American state in the Grand Theft Auto series. It is the in-game counterpart for the real State of New York. Like New York State, Liberty State is on the east coast of The United States.

Known cities and areas in Liberty State

Nearby states

In GTA 1, there is a landmass to the west of Liberty City known as New Guernsey. This is based on New Jersey, a state that neighbors New York. It is confirmed in the official GTA 1 website that Guernsey is a separate state.[1]

In GTA IV, there is also a landmass west of Algonquin, which is known as the State of Alderney, which is also based on part of New Jersey.


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  1. "... Founded on land bought off native Indians for just $37, a barrel of mead and a sack of feathers by Belgian settlers in 1603, the ancient 5 boroughs of Liberty Island (incorporating Nixon Island and Law Island), The Brix, Estoria, Kings and Brocklyn have effectively been joined in the metropolitan area by urban areas from the neighbouring state of New Guernsey... " - Official GTA 1 website -> Cities -> Liberty City


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