Stanley is a tractor manufacturer in the HD Universe, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It appears to mostly be a generic tractor manufactuer as its the only current vehicle manufacturer to make tractors, and only tractors. Its likely meant as a catch-all tractor manufacturer, most prominently; John Deere and the Fordson brand of the Ford Motor Company.

The woman Trevor Philips tries to take hostage at the end of Prologue, wears a cap with the 'Stanley Engines' logo on it.


Image Vehicle Style Main inspiration(s) Notes

The Fieldmaster in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Fieldmaster (snow) in Grand Theft Auto V.

Fieldmaster Modern Tractor John Deere 7810 Snow variant only seen in a mission.

The Tractor in Grand Theft Auto V.

Tractor Old Tractor 1917-1927 Fordson Model F Front end features "Stanley Engines" marked on it.


  • Stanley shares its name with the Stanley Steamer, a popular and well-known steam-powered car made from 1897 to 1924.
  • The company name could also be reference to International Harvester, which also manufactures agricultural equipment. International Harvester was formed in 1902 by J.P. Morgan, whose grandson co-founded Morgan Stanley with businessman Harold Stanley in 1935.

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