St. Brigid Baptist Church is a church in Grand Theft Auto V located on Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay, Blaine County.


Little information is known about the church, other than the fact that its reverend is called R. Goodfellow and the noticeboard outside the church states that it is closed on Sundays. The church bell chimes every hour, even though the church itself does not have a clock.

The church is most likely based on the Piru United Methodist Church. It is very similar in design to the Hill Valley Church network, which is also based on the Piru United Methodist Church.

Events in GTA V

The church in plays a small role in one of the random events, when the player has to drive a man to his own wedding held at the church.



  • As of patch 1.31, there is a glitch where a grave next to the church is a hole in the map. If the player moves into it, they will fall under the map, where they will eventually be teleported back nearby.
  • The church's name is also located on the Hill Valley Churches in Great Chaparral and Pacific Bluffs. This is likely a developer's oversight, as the two churches have the exact same structure, just with different colored roofs. The texture on the Pacific Bluffs church is actually backwards on the windows above the doors [1].


  1. HillValleyChurch-GTAV-StBrigidTextureError

    The invalid textures above the doors of the Pacific Bluffs church building

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