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The Squad Car is an emergency vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 1.


The Squad Car is the primary police car used by the three police departments. There are three variants of the car in the game, each appearing in each of game's three cities:

  • In Liberty City, the Squad Car is rounded vehicle with blue-white livery, appearing similar to a 1990's Chevrolet Caprice.
  • The San Andreas and Vice City variants are actually adaptations of the Portsmouth, with the San Andreas version bearing a black-and-white body color design and similar angular body design, and the Vice City rendition being colored blue and white but features a modified body that appears wider and rounded.


The performance of the Squad Cars are identical in the three cities, and are all essentially the best in the game, with the highest top speed and acceleration among all cars in the game, highly responsive brakes and good grip. While the cars are given a very high export value of $2,000, but the cars cannot be exported, as are other emergency vehicles.

Prominent appearances in missions

  • During mission Cossie in chapter Gangsta Bang, the player has to use a Squad Car as getaway vehicle for Pablo Vercotti after his attempt to rob a diadmond wholesaler.
  • In mission Phone 5, the protagonist is tasked to hijack two Squad Cars. The first one is used for blowing up the garage of a bank, the second one is used for collecting Tommy Romero after his bank job.
  • During mission Penetrator, the protagonist has to hijack a Squad Car near a police station and use it for entering a military area, then collect a man with stolen files, and escape.
  • In mission Phone 12-Part 1, a Squad Car is needed for entering the police impound yard to get Yu Pong's Portsmouth.
  • During mission Phone 13-Part 1, the player has to get a Squad Car, have it fitted with a bomb, and blow up several other ones in the car park of a diner.
  • In mission Phone 17-Part 2, the protagonist has to kill a policeman who is driving a Squad Car.
  • During mission Phone 21-Part 2, police officer Mike Tallon arrives to the police station in a Squad Car, changes clothes, and leaves in his civilian car, a Portsmouth. The player can steal the Squad Car, so Tallon can be chased and even killed by his own duty car.
  • In mission Phone 24-Part 2, El Burro charges the protagonist with getting some vehicles as props for a movie. One of the vehicles is a Squad Car.
  • During mission Phone 32, Samuel Deever orders the player to meet some cops and pay them off. Two of them are waiting near their Squad Car. Both of them are drivable, though entering them fails the mission.

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