The only Spray 'n' Go garage in GTA Vice City.

Spray'n'go is an automobile repair business, established in 1977, and based in Vice City. It has only one location, under the Sunshine Autos showroom in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and is only available for business once the property is purchased. It functions similar to Pay 'n' Spray, i.e. re-spraying, replacing the engine, and repairing body damage. Even though the garage is owned by Tommy Vercetti, he still has to pay the usual $100 fee to repair his vehicle and/or to lose his wanted level.


  • A strange glitch may occur if the player has a wanted level of 3 or more stars and they try to use the Spray'n'go while there are policemen on the roof of the spray shop. If one of the policemen tries to drop a Spike Strip, it will fall through the roof and appear on the floor inside the Spray'n'go garage.
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