Routines hosted at Split Sides comedy club in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The club can be visited in both of the game's DLCs alongside the original game. Hosted are acts from real-life stand up comedians. A total of 3 can be watched in TLAD, 2 in the original game.


Only one guest is featured in each visit, and the sequence of acts are repeated after a certain amount of visits. Originally, GTA IV features only two comedians: Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams. For The Lost and Damned, however, Frankie Boyle is included as an additional guest exclusively for the DLC. Routines by Ricky and Katt have also been featured on Weazel, a fictional television channel in the game.

List of routines

Image Name Description Topics
Ricky Gervais

A real-life English comedian, actor, and filmmaker, most known for his role in the original British comedy series The Office and the 2009 comedy film The Invention of Lying. He is also known for his podcast and its TV spin-off The Ricky Gervais Show.

  • War
  • Cancer and AIDS
  • Obesity
Katt Williams

A real-life American comedian, rapper and actor. In addition to his appearances in the Split Sides, Katt was also interviewed in a Weazel News report as he is participating in a protest related to drugs. Katt is nicknamed "The Pimp" by the introduction narrator. Much of his material from his stand-up specials such as "Pimp Chronicles" and "American Hustle" were used in the game. Katt enters the stage to the tune of "Hustlin'" by Rick Ross.

  • "Hustlin'"
  • Studio apartments
  • Test driving
  • Weed
  • Pets and short people
Frankie Boyle

A real-life Scottish comedian from Glasgow who used to appear regularly on the BBC comedy show Mock The Week.

  • Sex
  • Kids
  • Black Comedy
  • Scientists/Animals

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