Special Vehicles are a recurring feature in the Grand Theft Auto series, and are seen a multitude of times in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Special vehicles are usually already presented in the game, simply painted a unique color, or rare vehicles that are only seen once during a certain mission. They can sometimes be very hard to get, as they are either mission related or they just appear as a one-time-only. However, unlike in many past GTA games, it appears none of the special vehicles in GTA IV possess special abilities such as being fire proof, damage proof, etc.

Warning: Many uniquely-colored vehicles will be resprayed to normal colors upon repair, therefore the player will never be able to revert back to the unique color in Pay 'n' Spray.

Many of Stevie's (if not all) car thefts are also unique.

This list also includes special types of vehicles such as gang cars, police vehicles and so on.



  • A blue Banshee with grayer color than normal and a white stripe is requested by Brucie for his Exotic Exports.
  • A Banshee with yellow stripe and a orange paint job is requested by Stevie.
  • In the mission Meltdown for Ray Boccino, the car chase begins with the player driving a Banshee. This Banshee has a unique grey-bluish-green-stripe paint job. The player can simply complete the mission in this Banshee in order to obtain it.
  • In the random encounter of Hossan, the target drives a unique black-and-white Banshee with a unique shade. It can be obtained via killing the target, stealing the Banshee, and completing the mission in the car.

Blista Compact

  • A pure silver Blista Compact can be stolen in the mission Clean Getaway. Also this is the modified variant of the Blista Compact which is normally red. To keep the car, drive it to the Hove Beach safe house parking space and then commit suicide, which will result in mission failure, but the car will get stored anyway.
    • Also, it can be obtained in the beginning of the mission Ivan The Not So Terrible. It's parked right outside the Comrades Bar, just need to put it on the other side of the street in the parking space.


  • A brown Bobcat is requested by Stevie. When Stevie tips the player to steal it, it will appear on the top floor of the airport car park.
  • A randomly-colored Bobcat with a special effect is featured in the mission Hostile Negotiation. The Bobcat is all-proof before Roman and Niko get into, but the effect cannot be obtained via failing or completing the mission, since the all-proof feature will instantly be eliminated once the mission fails or Roman enters it.



  • A unique dark grey Cavalcade replaces the Esperanto used by Roman's Taxi service once the player has unlocked the Algonquin Safehouse. However, the same driver, Mohammed, will be driving it, and still will throw insults at Niko. However, unlike Roman's Taxi, there is no enhanced performance in this version. In order to obtain this grey Cavalcade, the player can just carjack it or aim at Mohammed with a gun and he will get out and run away like a normal NPC.
  • A unique black tinted (the main color varies) Cavalcade with black rims is also available during the mission Deconstruction for Beginners. It is parked in an alley in Castle Gardens where Playboy X has left it with a supply of weapons. The player can drive this Cavalcade to a safehouse to store it, and still return to complete the mission. This Cavalcade may have been borrowed from Armando Torres from TBoGT as he has a similar version and he stores and sells weapons in it. Nonetheless, it is still a rarity in GTA IV.
  • In the same mission, another Cavalcade is seen. When sniping down one of the guards, he will fall on the top of a dark gray-tinted Cavalcade although with black rims. The guard may destroy the car slightly, or just fall on causing no damage to it.
  • A similar black-tinted Cavalcade is the target of one of Stevie's Car Thefts; this Cavalcade has a unique green undercoat and dark green trims.
  • Brucie Kibbutz will send Niko an e-mail, for his Exotic Exports, for a Cavalcade. This Cavalcade is unique because of its deep matte red paint-job, black-tinted windows and black rims.


  • A baby blue Cognoscenti is wanted by Stevie. Niko can take and save it at a nearby safehouse and it should reappear. When Stevie calls for it, it should appear in an alleyway, off Boyden Ave, Alderney City, Alderney.
  • A pearl white Cognoscenti can be stolen when near Gracie Ancelotti's random encounter. It appears in the driveway at her house in Acter. It can be stolen via shooting at Gracie, making the encounter disappear, or if the player completes the encounter with the Cognoscenti in sight, it can be obtained as usual.
  • A gray-and-black Cognoscenti is featured in two missions of the game.
    • The first one being Mr. and Mrs. Bellic, where it appears with a wedding ribbon on its front. It can be obtained by firing a weapon across the street before reaching the car/church, which will make the guests run away and lead to the failure of the mission, but the car will still be there for the player to take.
    • The second one being the final missions of the game, where it appears without the wedding ribbon but still in its unique color. It can be simply obtained by chasing the Huntley Sport all the way to the Casino and then after the cut-scene ends, take the car to a parking space, and complete the mission.
      • Alternatively, the player can also destroy the Huntley Sport via Packie's Bomb option in Niko's phone (if it's obtained) or shooting until it catches fire before reaching the Casino to obtain the Cognoscenti, but this will again lead to a mission failure.


  • A bright yellow Comet is given to player as a racing car in the mission No. 1. After completing the mission, Brucie allows the player to keep the Comet. Unlike other ones, this Comet never gets dirty.
  • A Comet with a unique mauve paint job is requested by Stevie for one of his car thefts.
  • A unique lustered sliver Comet appears near Bernie Crane's house in the mission Hating the Haters, the player can take it to a parking space and continue the mission.


  • A Contender is requested as part of the car thefts from Stevie. This one usually appears with a unique dark grey paintjob.
  • A unique colored Contender can be obtained in the mission Smackdown. In order to get this car, the player needs to chase after the target. Once upon arriving at his hideout, simply shoot all the gangsters in the house, and then grab this car to lose the wanted level attained afterwards. The mission will be passed soon, and the player is able to keep the car for their use.


  • A Coquette appears in the mission Payback. To obtain it, simply follow the goons until they stop at the building. This vehicle is unique among other Coquettes in that it comes in metallic colors, such as blue, red, green, or yellow, in addition to lustered black, that are never found in other Coquettes.
  • The Coquette has a unique white-and-red paint job available, similar to that of the 1984-1996 C4 Corvette featured in the television series The A-Team [1]. This paint job, unlike most other unique paint jobs, can be sprayed onto any Coquette.
  • The Coquette also has another unique paint job. Like the one above, it can be sprayed onto any Coquette. It's a green and black paint job, appearing black at some angles but green at other angles.


  • A lustered black/silver DF8-90 appears when doing missions for Mikhail Faustin. It is in the driveway at Mikhail Faustin's house, in front of the parkedTurismo, and it comes in any of the three variants. It is presumably Ilyena Faustin's car, as it no longer spawns after finishing Mikhail's story arc, as he is killed and Ilyena moves out.
  • A parked DF8-90 with a light blue paint job can be found in a parking lot under the train tracks in the Hove Beach area in Broker requested as part of Stevie's Car Thefts. It may come into one of the three variants, although the photo has shown it coming without a roof.


  • A brown Dilettante is requested by Stevie. It will spawn near the Willis Mall when he tips the player to steal it.
  • A Dilettante is provided for the player in the mission Weekend at Florian's. It sometimes comes with a unique white color.


  • In the mission Lure for Francis McReary, a red iridescent or black with dark gray chrome Dukes, that can not be seen on the streets, can be found outside the target's apartment in Denver Avenue, East Holland, Algonquin. The player is able to take the car after the mission if it hasn't been destroyed during the mission progress.
  • A dark metallic orange Dukes is wanted by Stevie. This Dukes can be taken to a nearby safehouse and another should appear. When Stevie calls for it, it should appear on Vauxite Street, across from Modo, East Holland, Algonquin.


  • A black Emperor with a red lustered colour appears after the mission Dust Off, it will spawn beside the building, the player can take it and save it at a safehouse.


  • Gracie Ancelotti owns a special pink Feltzer that can be acquired in the mission I'll Take Her.... By either killing the driver after the end of the mission or firing a gun across the street from Gracie's house before meeting her. After that the player can obtain it and save it in the Alderney parking space.


  • A modified version used by the Triads called the JDM VIP can be acquired. They can usually be found in Chinatown.
  • A secondary version used by FlyUS, which features an emergency light on the roof and the company colors. This variant can be found at the Francis International Airport.


  • Lyle Rivas drives a unique colored Fortune in his only appearance. The player can just kill him without destroying the car to complete the mission, then take the car to a parking space.

Huntley Sport

  • Huntley Sports with a yellow, black and green paint job, custom grille with removed badging and side-mounted exhaust pipes are driven by the Jamaican Posse; like other gang-specific variants, all these modified vehicles are still called "Huntley Sport" when entered. These can be found around Beechwood City, Schottler and Willis.
  • A normal Huntley Sport with Jamaican Colours is given as a gift in the last of Little Jacob's drug delivery missions. This one does not have a custom grille like the ones normally seen driven by the Jamaican Posse.
  • A normal Huntley Sport with Jamaican Colours are seen in The Lost and Damned, as Gang Wars located in Dukes and Broker are often against members of the Jamaican Posse, these can be stolen when the mission is completed.
  • During the mission "Three Leaf Clover", when the player exits the subway service exit, there will be a Huntley available to escape the police. This is the only Huntley in the game to have an alarm system going off when broken into.
  • A black Huntley, painted with a thin red stripe down the sides, can rarely be found driving around Liberty City. It is one of a range of paint jobs available on default Huntley Sport's. The same paintjob becomes more common in TBoGT.
  • After doing a boating trip with Brucie, an iridescent gold, bronze, black and beige Huntley will be parked at the docks where Niko gets out of the boat.
  • A custom grey and black Huntley Sport is requested by Stevie for his car thefts, it is parked outside the police station at Bohan.
  • A full black Huntley Sport can be obtained in an assassination mission.


  • The player has to steal an Infernus for Stevie. It is a unique gold color. Like many of Stevie's cars, they re-spawn after a while. It is parked in Montauk Ave in Downtown,Broker, but only if the player got a text message from Stevie.
  • Also, after completing the mission Buoys Ahoy, Bernie Crane will call the player to collect Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins' special orange or red Infernus as a gift. Like many other cars, the Infernus comes in two different variants (with or without spoilers). Unlike other Infernuses, this one has a black stripe going from the front to the back on both sides. In fact, it is the only Infernus in the game with a stripe. This particular Infernus is also bugged, although Niko does not know about it, and only Johnny Klebitz can use the bug to listen in on the conversations (which are pre-recorded sound files of either Bernie Crane singing or worrying, or Niko in a car chase with police).


  • A modified variant of the Intruder can be found in the Triads' turf.
  • A unique blue Intruder is requested by Stevie. When he tips the player to steal it, it will appear near the LTA building.
  • Two lustered Intruders appear in the mission Harboring a Grudge. They're driven by the Triads coming for the Yankee. They can be obtained by killing all the Triad members inside and then drive to a parking space.
  • A light brown Intruder appears in the mission Catch The Wave. The player can obtain this car by driving it to a parking space and then proceed with the mission with Bell.


  • The Laundromat is a laundry van that only appears in two missions. The easiest way to obtain it will be in the mission Hung Out to Dry. It can be found in the back of the laundromat, stealing it, however, will result in mission failure.
  • It's second appearance is in the mission Meltdown, where it is used in a scripted sequence. This one can also be stolen, and if the player is good at driving a van in a chase, the mission can be completed while in the van.


  • Three black Lokuses appear during the mission Entourage. The player can pass or fail the mission to obtain one of them. They are also tinted either red, blue, or white.
  • Luca Silvestri drives a unique colored Lokus during the mission Meltdown. It can be obtained by Niko after the crew crashes the car in the park.


  • A Manana is requested as a part of Stevie's Car Thefts. When Stevie tips the player, it will spawn beside the out-of-business Burger Shot outlet in Cerveza Heights, Dukes. This one has a unique grey paint job. The vehicle will sometimes have its car roof equipped, which is an additional rarity.


  • A sky blue Marbelle appears in the first cutscene during the mission Clean Getaway. Later in the story, when Vlad tries to escape from Niko, he drives the sky blue Marbelle again in the mission Uncle Vlad. When he reaches the Humboldt River, he leaves the car and makes a run for it. Then the player can take the car at this point and save it at the Hove Beach safehouse. However this will fail the mission.


  • In the mission First Date, Niko drives Michelle's lustered silver Merit. It can be saved when the mission is completed.


  • A Moonbeam is requested by Stevie. This one has a unique black and red paint job. When Stevie tips the player to steal it, it will spawn on Charge Island.


  • A gang variant of the Oracle is driven by the Irish Mob. It can be found in their turfs.
    • It is also featured during the mission Harboring a Grudge, it is parked on the other side of the road for the player and Packie to proceed with the mission. It can be obtained by parking it at a parking space, then use another vehicle to continue the mission.
  • A pearlescent Oracle with a dark color is featured in the mission Pest Control. The player can just simply complete the mission by killing the targets to obtain this car, along with a PMP 600 if they haven't been destroyed in the mission.
  • A non-gang variant of the Oracle, but with similar modifications, appears in the mission Taking in the Trash. It can be simply obtained by destroying the Trashmaster, failing the mission without a cut-scene and then drive it to a safe house.
    • It is also possible to get this car by luring it to a parking space and then finish off the gunman and the driver over there. Then all the player has to do is to check if the Oracle is in the parking space or not. If is, simply get back to the trash truck and complete the mission. If isn't, take control of the Oracle until it is parked in the parking space, then return to the Trashmaster to finish the mission.
    • Sometimes the driver will abandon the car and flee from Niko after the player kills the gunman while on the way to the garbage collection warehouse, giving the player a chance to obtain the vehicle, although driving too far away from the Trashmaster will fail the mission, thus triggering a mission failure cutscene showing Niko being sent back to Drusilla's in a black Primo, which would prevent the player from getting the Oracle.

PMP 600

  • In the mission Museum Piece, there are four pure white PMP 600 "Sports" parked on the northern side of the museum. These PMP 600 "Sports" variant normally comes in complete black. This is the only time they appear in white in the entire game. They can be used to escape the police and saved after the mission.
  • In one of Brucie's e-mail-based Exotic Exports, Niko has to retrieve a vibrant maroon red PMP 600.
  • When calling Dwayne Forge for backup, two of his goons appear in one of three unique red vehicles, one being a red PMP 600.
  • During the ending mission in each ending, the PMP 600 Sports will have unique shade effects. These shades include yellow, white and green.
  • A PMP 600 Sport with a black paint job and a randomly colored pearlescent can be found at the beginning of the mission Payback.


  • A yellow Patriot can be acquired anytime after the mission Blow Your Cover for Playboy X but before his death. It will be parked in one of the RESIDENT PARKING ONLY spots outside his loft. To save it, simply drive it out of the car saving spot and drive it back in.
  • A similar yellow Patriot, with the US flags on the side, is wanted by Stevie, it is located on the South Parkway near Denver Ave, The Exchange.
  • Two lustered silver Patriots appear in the mission Photo Shoot. The target would escape in this car. In order to obtain them, the player can just kill the target and complete the mission.
  • When calling Dwayne Forge for backup, two goons arrive in one of three cars, one being a unique red Patriot.
  • The NOOSE Patriot is the modified police variant of the Patriot. They will spawn whenever the player attains a three-star wanted level or higher, either as blockades or pursuit vehicles.
  • A black modified Patriot is seen around Firefly Projects, North Holland and Acter driven by the M.O.B.

Police Stockade

  • This is a special variant of Brute Stockade 8000. It appears in two missions. Its first appearance is in the mission Three Leaf Clover; hovewer, it is not recommended to try to take it in this as it requires a lot of patience and a truck to push it to a garage. The doors are also locked.
  • The best chance to acquire it is during the mission Tunnel of Death as the player is required to steal it. After dealing with the NOOSE and police forces, take it and drive it to the nearest safehouse. After that, it has been parked it in the parking space, drive very far away until the mission has failed, the truck will still be in the parking space.
    • Another way to obtain the Police Stockade in the same mission without failing it is by pushing it back to the nearest safehouse; a good vehicle for pushing it is the Phantom located in Normandy just before going to the secluded area. After that, push both cars until reaching the safehouse; make sure they're always close to each other, or the Stockade will get cleared out by the in-game factor. Try to avoid police attention, the Stockade will vanish if the player goes too far away. When reaching the safehouse, just continue with the mission and go back to the safehouse; it should be there while not having a mission failure.


  • A unique red Primo with a gold grille and wheels with bumpers, skirts and a spoiler can be found driven by Spanish Lords, and is found Cerveza Heights, outside the South Bohan Safehouse, East Holland, Alderney City and mainly spawns in South Bohan.
    • The same Primo also featured during the mission Street Sweeper and can be obtained by shooting in the head of the car driver, but it is recommended to wipe out the stay-and-shoot gang members at the garage before chasing the Primo.
  • A black Primo can be seen during the mission Taking in the Trash, but only if one of the diamond-searchers is killed. After that, the cutscene and the Primo appears, and the player returns to the Drusilla's.


  • A modified Presidente is used by the Korean mob. It has a spoiler, a different grille and a dark blue color. They appear in Alderney City and near the safehouse.
  • When calling Dwayne Forge for backup, two of his boys arrive in one of three vehicles, one being a unique red Presidente.


  • A red-and-white Rancher is requested by Stevie.


  • A unique brown colored Rebla is requested by Stevie.
  • A modified version of the Rebla is used by the Russian Mafia.

Roman's Taxi

  • The Roman's Taxi is a black Esperanto with an emergency light. This may be the first special car can be got. It's easy to get, but after Roman's depot is burned down, the car is not available for sometime, but the car is then available again once the player completes Blow Your Cover, when Roman's insurance pays off. After the completion of Hostile Negotiation, the car is no longer available, as it gets replaced by a fleet of gray Cavalcades.


  • A Romero appears in the mission Undertaker. This is the only time it appears in the entire game. To obtain it, steal it when the mission is done, but the player has to be fast and alert, otherwise the driver will drive away and disappear. The Romero will also appear on the street, but only if Niko is driving one at the time.


  • Ivan Bytchkov owns a random iridescent color and yellow Ruiner which can stolen during the mission Ivan The Not So Terrible. When Ivan crashes his car into a truck, he will try to escape on foot.  Follow Ivan as the game says. Once reaching the execution scene, leave before Ivan can say anything. Walk to the right where the fire escape is and run back to the construction site about 3 buildings behind. The Ruiner will not despawn until Ivan is killed or saved. The player may take it and bring it back to the Broker Safehouse. It will be damaged from Ivan's crash, but not majorly enough that it will greatly affect performance. After bringing the car to the safehouse, return to Ivan using the same means as the first time. Save or kill Ivan and the car will definitely be in the parking lot of the safehouse when returning (unless at the parking space has more than 2 vehicles, in which case the 2 outermost vehicles from the center will despawn after going far enough, and the construction site is far enough). It is recommended to take this car, seeing as how it is a wonderful choice for Brucie's car races that will be later introduced.

Sabre GT

  • A Sabre GT with a green color is requested by Stevie.
  • A silver coloured Sabre GT with a brown stripe is found in the mission Photo Shoot, the player can just simply kill the target and complete the mission to obtain it.


  • An all black body Schafter with black rims and a silver grille appears in the mission The Master and the Molotov. It can be obtained by driving the vehicle to a parking space then complete the mission.
  • Another Schafter with a similar design, but with a normal grille appears in Pegorino's Pride. It can be obtained by killing Pegorino during the mission, cause the mission to fail, then save in a parking space. It cannot be obtained after the mission because it vanishes after the completion.
  • A modified version of the car is driven by the Russians.
  • One with a unique shade can be obtained in A Revenger's Tragedy.


  • Niko will be chased by a few Sentinel XS during the mission She's a Keeper, some of them have the standard black/green paint job but some also has a unique black/red paint job. However, trying to steal one will cause the mission to fail.
  • A unique black lustered Sentinel appears during the mission Wrong is Right. The player can shoot the target in the head to obtain it. However, a glitch may happen, which causes the car to flip when the target is shot.
  • During Out of Commission, the Sentinel XS' have a unique yellow/gold, white, blue or red luster effect. During the part where driving the Sanchez off the ramp, a roadblock will be formed with green, red, yellow, or blue lustered Sentinel and Sentinel XS‘s. However, stealing one will cause the target to flee successfully and the mission will fail. This is unless the player obtains the ones in front of the abandoned casino before triggering Pegorino’s cutscene, in which case they can be driven to a nearby Safehouse and saved without failing.
  • A custom black Sentinel is driven by the Pegorinos. Customizations on the car include a body kit, rear window louvers, and a spoiler.
  • A unique colored Sentinel is requested by Stevie.


  • A black Stallion with a blue or normal undertone appears in the mission Escuela of the Streets. It can be obtained by stealing it after following the target to the Sprunk warehouse.
  • A rare purple Stallion is provided for Niko to process the first random encounter from Jeff. It can be obtained after the encounter.


  • A derailed version of the Subway appears in the mission No Way on the Subway. It cannot be taken, and this is the only time in GTA IV or its episodes that the subway derails.


  • A unique dark blue Sultan with black rims is wanted by Stevie. It can be taken to a player's parking spot and a new Sultan will respawn in its original parked spot.
  • A modified blue variant is used by Korean mob. Can usually be found in Alderney City, in Alderney.
  • A Sultan RS can be found behind the abandoned house's garage in Westdyke at anytime.
  • A Sultan appears in a Most Wanted side mission when chasing Fernando Tisdel, as the getaway car. The Sultan is depicted uniquely white in some occasions, but it may also come into normal colors.


  • One uniquely colored SuperGT appears in the mission Union Drive for Bernie Crane, driven by Dimitri Rascalov's henchmen. The paint job is a metallic red, black, blue, green, gray, or pink, all of which are unique.
  • Another uniquely colored SuperGT appears in a Most Wanted mission in which Niko is after a drug trafficker namedDarren Covey. The player can find him and the five friends of his whom they must kill also on the second floor of a parking garage in Purgatory, with a few cars around them. One of these cars is a SuperGT whose paint job sometimes resembles a mixture of Irish Mob green and sky blue not found anywhere else in the game.
    • However, in the PC version, this color appears in extremely rare occasions, as the SuperGT usually comes with normal colors that can be found on streets, but this is still a chance to obtain the car.
  • A third unique colored SuperGT appears in one of Stevie's Car Thefts. It is in front of the 69 Exchange in Chinatown, Algonquin.


  • A unique beige Willard can be obtained in the mission Bleed Out. The player can take the car after finishing off Dardan. However this will lead to a mission failure.
    • Alternatively, the player can also use Roman's Taxi to push it to a parking space, though this may take time and patience. After it is pushed to the parking space, simply complete the mission and then check the car.
  • A unique green Willard appears in the opening cut-scene of the mission Babysitting. It can be only obtained by failing the mission without dying or letting Derrick die, then a cut-scene will show Derrick being dropped off from the Willard, and then the player is able to keep the car.


  • A unique colored dark green Vincent LX2007 appears in the mission She's a Keeper and Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.
    • During the firstly-said mission, players can obtain this car at the risk of failing the mission. Alternatively, they can also return the drop-off point after completing the mission and the car is free to take.
    • As for the secondly-said mission just follow Packie and after killing all the Russians, the Vincent might still be parked at the place the deal went on, and the player can obtain this car for the second time.



  • A modified version can be found driving by the Jamaicans.
  • Also a black-and-red version can be seen on the streets, mostly in Broker and Dukes.
  • A Voodoo is used to deliver the corpses to a doctor in the mission Have a Heart. This Voodoo has a unique white and pink paint job. It can be obtained by parking it at a parking space then fail the mission otherwise the doctor drives it away when mission passes.
  • A unique emerald Voodoo is requested by Stevie.



  • In the mission Ruff Rider, there is a rich red Hellfury that can be obtained after the target, Jayvon Simson has been killed. Normal Hellfurys have a metallic red color, but this one is a glossy red with no metallic added to it. After killing Jayvon, the Hellfury can be stolen and used to complete the mission by meeting Dwayne.


  • A green and black Faggio is wanted by Stevie. This Faggio can be taken to a nearby safehouse and another should appear. When Stevie calls for it, it should appear across the street from Dragon Heart Plaza, Diamond Street, Chinatown, Algonquin.


NRG 900

  • A light and dark grey NRG 900 can be stolen for Stevie. This NRG 900 can be taken to a safehouse and stored and another one will appear. When Stevie calls for it, it will appear on Bismarck Ave, Lancaster, Algonquin.

PCJ 600

  • A red PCJ 600 with golden rims and two frames glitch is used by Niko in the mission I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle. It can be kept afterwards.
    • The same PCJ 600 with this color appears rarely in free roam on the streets. But it is more common in the two DLCs. 


  • The Lost MC has modified Zombies. They can be found at their turfs, and they're obtainable in No Love Lost and No Way on the Subway.



There are four unique variants of the Maverick:

  • A white Maverick with red stripes appears in the missions Dust Off and Paper Trail. In Dust Off, this requires a mission failure to obtain the chopper. It's recommended to save it in Paper Trail, because the player can fly it to a safehouse after mission is completed.
  • Another unique Maverick also appears in Paper Trail, it is Eduard Borodin's helicopter. It is also white, similar to the one piloted by Niko and Little Jacob, but it instead features black stripes. However, because of the nature of the mission (which involves shooting down the helicopter) and due to the fact that it always goes faster than the player's own Maverick, being very hard to be rammed or touched, it is unobtainable.
  • Another one appears in Babysitting. It is solid black with no white stripes on the top of the body. This video shows how it can be obtained by flipping the boat and chasing the Maverick down with an Annihilator cheat. Alternatively, the player may choose to first spawn in the Annihilator, beach their boat nearby to prompt a mission failure, then kill Derrick before the mission ends to prevent getting teleported away.
  • Another one appears in A Revenger's Tragedy ("Deal" ending), where Dimitri flies it. After the crash on Happiness Island, steal the chopper and fly it to a safehouse. The player may need to use a phone call exploit to jumpstart the engine. However, a glitch will sometimes cause it to become unsolid (the player can pass through it), and it will become unobtainable. The Maverick is white with orange stripes.

Police Maverick

  • The Police Maverick is a police variant of the civilian Maverick. The Police Maverick doesn't have a spawn point in GTA IV unlike previous games however. Although, it can be acquired with good sniping skills by shooting one down.


  • Little Jacob pilots an Annihilator with the side doors closed (the regular Annihilators have the side doors open) that can only be obtained in the last mission (either ending), to obtain it, fly it to a safehouse and kill Roman (revenge ending only) or Jacob. Like with Dimitri's Maverick, though, a glitch will sometimes make it become unsolid, making it unobtainable. However, in the revenge method, make sure the player can make the jump with the Sanchez off of the jetty successfully, because if the jump fails, Niko will land in the water with no quick method of reaching Pegorino, thus failing the mission with "Jacob" flying the Annihilator high above and beyond until it disappears from view.

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