"He had a lot to learn."
Special Needs Cop

Poster for Special Needs Cop

Special Needs Cop is a 1992 film, and sequel to the 1986 film Exploder: Evacuator Part II. It stars Jack Howitzer and is advertised in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the WCTR radio station. The trailer of the movie can be heard on Entertaining America. It's a continuation of the Evacuator Trilogy. The film could not be rated.


Following up where the last film left off, Tim the mentally unstable war veteran is still in Cambodia fighting. He's once again approached and recruited by the US Government, this time to work undercover teaching a special needs pre-school for mentally and physically disabled children, to eliminate a drug cartel inside the school. Tim eventually grows to like the children until they begin to mock his own intelligence (or lack thereof), prompting him to shoot and kill the entire class with his bazooka.

Film trailer

Narrator: He was a man at war with himself - fighting a war that someone else lost.

Soldier: It's over, Tim! The war is over!


Narrator: You've seen him wipe out millions of Cambodians in Exploder, now, Jack Howitzer is Tim in his most challenging role yet...

Soldier: We're here, Tim.

Tim: A pre-school for slow children?

Soldier: You're the new teacher, Tim.

Narrator: Special Needs Cop. It's the story of a psychotic ex-Marine showing tough love to special ed kids.

Tim: One of you 'tards has been running Peruvian flake through the special ed school, and I'm gonna find it. No juice and cookies!

Special ed student: You really suck, Tim!

Narrator: But soon, he becomes one of them.

Special ed student: What is this?

Tim: That's teacher's gun. You wanna see it?

Special ed student: Cool! (gets shot)

Tim: Aw, you gone and shot yourself, way to go!

Narrator: He was finally beginning to live a normal life, then, all hell breaks loose.

Special ed student: Tim, you're so stupid. You count with your fingers!

Tim: You wanna party with me?! Bring it on! (starts shooting everyone)

Soldier: Tim! What are you doing?!

Tim: I fought for my country! WELCOME TO THE LAND OF FREEDOM, BITCHES!!! (screams)

Narrator: Special Needs Cop. He had a lot to learn. This film cannot be rated.


  • The film is a large departure from parodying Sylvester Stallone's Rambo Trilogy, instead mostly parodying the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Kindergarten Cop, with a similar story to The Substitute.
    • The film also appears to loosely parody the 1995 Adam Sandler film Billy Madison.
  • Unlike the first two films, the film does not bear the Evacuator title, though it is still considered part of the trilogy.
    • At around the same time of the film's release, The Discharger: Evacuator III was also released. In The Discharger, he role of Tim was portrayed by an unspecified African American rather than by Howitzer. Despite being part of the Evacuator franchise, The Discharger isn't considered to be part of its trilogy as it does not follow the same canon.
  • This was subsequently Jack Howitzer's last known film.
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