Spanish Avenue is a street in HawickWest Vinewood, Downtown Vinewood and Rockford Hills that stretches along all northern Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


From west to east, it starts at Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, ending at Elgin Avenue. It has connections to Caesars Place, Portola DriveRockford Drive, Strangeways Drive, Milton Road, Eastbourne Way, San Vitus Boulevard, North Archer Avenue, Las Lagunas Boulevard, Laguna Place, Alta StreetPower Street and Meteor Street


It is a long two-way avenue running through the central nothern area of Los Santos. The street is fully comprised by buidings and apartment complexes with most of its businesses located at the Vinewood Plaza in Hawick. A tennis court is located near its eastern end on Elgin Avenue, while a GoPostal Building is accessible through a small driveway near 0605 Spanish Avenue.

Places of Interest

Downtown Vinewood


Rockford Hills

West Vinewood


Downtown Vinewood

Vinewood Plaza, Hawick

West Vinewood

  • Auto Insurance
  • Bullhead (corner of San Vitus Boulevard)
  • Cell Phone Cards & Phone Accessories

Notable Residents




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