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For the company, see Spand Express.

The Spand Express is a delivery truck in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Spand Express is a variant of the Mule, with noticeable differences in the front fascia and a Spand Express livery. The vehicle is only available in a grey color.


Despite it is separated from the Mule, the vehicle shares the same performance traits with the mentioned vehicle.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

  • Jury Fury - Where one of the jurors will attempt to escape after seeing Tommy, but crashes with a Spand Express.
  • Riot - Where Tommy has to destroy these vehicles, after causing a riot with the workers.


The Spand Express is notably rare, since it cannot be seen around the city, unlike the Mule. However, there is a possibility to aquire a Spand Express:

  • During the mission Jury Fury. After intimidating the juror at Ocean Beach, the truck will stay on the street indefinitely. The player can take it either to intimidate the other juror at Vice Point or after completing the mission (if the juror at Vice Point was intimidated before).
  • It can be seen on the Firefighter side-missions.


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