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Spand Express is a delivery company featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The company parodies FedEx Express and UPS. It is also a play on "spandex", which is a crude humor by Rockstar as it usually involves latex outfits and accessories for sexual purposes. The slogan of the company is another innuendo, referring to the tightness of spandex clothing (especially briefs and/or shorts) around the groin.


The company's depot in 1986 is located next to Avery Carrington's construction site in Washington Beach, Vice City. Deliveries are preformed with Spand Express trucks, which are a unique version of a Mule with the company's insignia. Workers at the company wear coveralls, which Tommy can acquire as an outfit.

In the mission Riot, Tommy Vercetti, on behalf of his lawyer Ken Rosenberg and real estate mogul Avery Carrington, changes into the company's coveralls at Rafael's, goes to the Spand Express depot and starts a riot among the striking Spand Express workers before destroying the Spand Express trucks that are parked in the Spand Express compound (presumably to drive them bankrupt), as Avery Carrington wanted the land that the Spand Express depot was occupying. Outside of Riot, the company is absent and does not appear around Vice City.

In 1992, the company have a headquarters in Blueberry, Red County, working alongsisde Xoomer.



  • In the mission Phnom Penh '86, when the Maverick flies under the Links Bridge, a Spand Express worker can be seen jumping off the bridge and into the water. This can be easily spotted if the player pans the camera backwards as soon as the helicopter passes under the bridge. This is an easter egg left in by Rockstar Games.

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