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==See also==
==See also==
[[Category:European countries]]
[[Category:European countries]]

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Spain is a country situated in southwestern Europe, member of the European Union since 1986. It shares a border with Portugal to the west, and France and Andorra to the northeast.

It is referrenced in various GTA episodes.


  • Sánchez (correct form of the surname with accent mark), meaning "son of Sancho", is a very common Spanish name with some deformations in the Americas. It is the inspirational name for the motorbike.

3D Universe

GTA: Vice City

  • There is a sign in catalonian (a cooficial Spanish language used in the autonomies of Valencia, Cataluña and Baleares.) in Café Robina in the Cuban neighborhood.
  • There is a travelling agency called "Avec Moi Holidays", where appears announced "Tenerife $299".

HD Universe


  • The Spanish island of Ibiza is mentioned in GTA IV show I'm Rich.
  • In the Francis International Airport there are flyUS international destination to two Spanish cities: Barcelona (España) - Aeropuerto Internacional de Barcelona and Madrid (España) - Aeropuerto Internacional de Madrid-Barajas (now called Aeropuerto Internacional Adolfo Suárez de Madrid-Barajas)
  • There is a gang called Spanish Lords, however, they're Puerto Ricans.

GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Arnaud calls Luis often as Spaniard, despite of his Latino accent. Actually Luis is from the Dominican Republic, a Spanish-speaking country.


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