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The Kingdom of Spain, more commonly known simply as Spain, is a country situated in southwestern Europe. A member of the European Union since 1986, the country is bordered by Portugal to the west, and France and Andorra to the northeast.


  • Sánchez (correct form of the surname with accent mark), meaning "son of Sancho", is a very common Spanish surname with some deformations in the Americas, and is also the name of a dirtbike.

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  • The Spanish island of Ibiza is mentioned in the Grand Theft Auto IV show I'm Rich.
  • In the Francis International Airport, there are flyUS international destination to two Spanish cities: Barcelona (España) - Aeropuerto Internacional de Barcelona and Madrid (España) - Aeropuerto Internacional de Madrid-Barajas (now called Aeropuerto Internacional Adolfo Suárez de Madrid-Barajas)
  • The Willard Marbelle is named after the Spanish city of Marbella, a reference to its basis, the Ford Granada, being named after the Spanish city of Granada.
  • In the website, Spain appears as country to visit in Europe.
  • There is a street in Dukes named Aragon Street, a reference to the region of Aragón.
  • Sometimes, random pedestrians will yell "This is worse than Madrid!"

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