"Bringing the Funk to your Assdroid."
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Space 103.2 is a funk and post-disco radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The radio station is hosted by Bootsy Collins.


Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Deleted Songs

GTA V's trackID.gxt2 database reveals more songs were planned to appear on the station but were not included in the final version.

Alongside the trackID.gtx2 database, more songs were found in a early build of GTA V on a dev PlayStation 3.[7]



Full soundtrack:

Space 103

Space 103.2 - GTA V Radio (Next-Gen)


  • This station's name and logo are a reference to the French band Space.
  • Skeletons by Stevie Wonder was used in the second trailer for GTA V.
  • This is possibly Denise Clinton's & Amanda De Santa's favorite radio station, as it is the default station whenever the player enters Amanda's Sentinel (alongside Lowdown FM).
  • "Give It To Me Baby" by Rick James is heard in the mission Fame or Shame.
  • "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy, can be heard in the background in-between songs whenever Bootsy Collins is talking. It also features during the montage in the movie Meltdown. Coincidentally, the late Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother, provided the voice of Jizzy B. in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • "Flash Light" by Parliament was used in the PlayStation 4 TV ad for GTA V.
  • The station is most likely based on KQIE 104.7, a funk station that broadcasts throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.
  • "Party All The Time" by Eddie Murphy was originally on Los Santos Rock Radio early during development, but was moved to this station later on.

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