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[[Category:Locations in GTA IV in Broker]]
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[[Category:Public Service]]
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The South Slopes Police Station is a branch of the Liberty City Police Department, located in South Slopes, Broker in Liberty City. It is the police station the player will be held in police custody if they are arrested in the Downtown area.


The officers of the precinct patrol South SlopesDowntown Broker, Rotterdam Hill, the northern half of Firefly Projects, parts of Schottler and Beechwood City.


The real life counterpart of the South Slopes Precint the 78th pct.[1]

The South Slopes police station is based on the 78th Precinct in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The precinct is similar in brick layout, location and the setting of the phones outside. The 78th precinct is located on Bergen street in Park Slope Brooklyn. In place of the Chinese restaurant across the street from its real counter part is a meat shop called "Tasty Meats". The only difference is in floor size as the real precinct is five floors high and the South Slopes precinct is only three.



  • This may be the main Broker precinct.
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