South Shambles Street is a two-way street in Cypress Flats, Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The street runs from El Rancho Boulevard in the north to Hanger Way in the south. It is an entirely industrial street with only a few warehouses and a railyard on its east side.

Events in GTA Online


  • Unique colored pre-modified gang cars such as the Manana, Peyote, Buccaneer and hardtop and convertible Tornados spawn south of the railyard, near the bus wrecks. In the enhanced edition, these will only be seen driving out onto Hanger Way between 11am and 3pm, however in the original version, they can also be found parked near a shipping container in the yard during daylight hours.

Places of Interest

  • 1623 South Shambles Street, a 10 car garage available from Dynasty 8.


  • Office Furniture


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