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The South Parkway Building is an unnamed skyscraper appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in The Exchange, Algonquin.


The building is located between Barium Street to the north and South Parkway to the south, and Albany Avenue to the west.

It appears as a 50+ story high skyscraper, presumably serving as an office building, located in the very southern east corner of Algonquin facing out onto South Parkway and Union Drive East. Beneath the building is Privateer Road which provides stairway access to the building. The grounds feature decorative trees and two large globe statues on opposite corners of the building. At the southern corner is a Stunt Jump ramp jumping onto Union Drive East.

The building vaguely resembles 1 New York Plaza in Manhattan, New York City, assuming the same window design, inset corners, bottom floor design, rooftop edges and black setbacks on each face.

South Parkway Building is one of three large skyscraper located within a street of each other along the sea front, situated between south of Barium Street Building and Borlock Road Building. It is the forth tallest building in Liberty City, falling closely behind the Bawsaq Building, Zirconium Building and the much higher Rotterdam Tower. 233 Liberty Lane is equally as high when considering its spire, but is otherwise slightly smaller.


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