For Niko Bellic's safehouse in Grand Theft Auto IV, see South Bohan Safehouse (GTA IV).

The South Bohan Safehouse is a safehouse for Huang Lee in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The safehouse is an apartment located at San Quentin Avenue in South Bohan, Bohan. This apartment is located behind the Burger Shot and in the east of West Bohan Community Center. The safehouse is available after Raw Deal.

Shortly after the completion of this mission, Wade Heston will send an e-mail to Huang, asking Huang to meet him in Industrial, unlocking the mission The Tow Job, he also says that Huang can use his house in South Bohan, unlocking this safehouse.

Along with the introduction of drug dealing, every safehouse has a stash box in which the player can stash collected drugs to free up space in the holdall or prevent the drugs from being taken by the police when busted.

The whiteboard is used to replay previously completed story missions and to input cheats in the iPhone/iPod touch versions. The laptop is used to upload stats using Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection, viewable on the Rockstar Social Club. The chair is used to save the game to restore the player's health, remove wanted levels, and advance the game by six hours. The door is used to exit the safehouse. Rewards in the form of objects can be seen placed on shelves and on tables for the player to view.



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The mural depicting Manny.


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