For the Huang Lee's safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, see South Bohan Safehouse (GTA Chinatown Wars).

The South Bohan safehouse is an apartment building situated at the southern end of Joliet Street, and is Niko Bellic's second safehouse in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Getting the safehouse

The safehouse originally belonged to Mallorie Bardas' cousin, but Mallorie gives it to Niko and Roman after their previous home and Roman's Depot were burned down. At the time it is unlocked, it is the only available safehouse in the game until the story moves to Algonquin.

The player can access the safehouse from the beginning of the game via the rear door, as the front door is locked. The player cannot save the game, or use the wardrobe, but can still watch television. The safehouse may also be entered via the same entrance in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, although the television is unusable.

The parking space can also be used before the safehouse is unlocked. The same also applies for the Episodes from Liberty City DLCs.


The apartment is larger than the Broker Safehouse. There is a futon, which the player can use to save their game. Various items can be found in the apartment, including a Honkers strip club poster, cola bottles, Burger Shot items, and two Madd Dogg and OG Loc CDs can be found next to the bed. The furniture consists of: a table, a Pißwasser ashtray on top, fold-out chairs, an armchair, a TV (which has a photo of Niko and Roman next to it, as well as a rasta-coloured marijuana bong), a ThriftEX DVD player and coffee machine, a Kronos wall clock, a radio (which is tuned to IF99 - International Funk in GTA IV and San Juan Sounds in EFLC) and a wardrobe to store Niko's clothes. A preacher or hippy may occasionally gospelize across the street from the safehouse. Unlike other safehouses, there is little gang presence outside (though the Spanish Lords are often seen at night) but more of a seedy atmosphere, with many prostitutes found in the area.



  • The picture of Niko and Roman next to the TV shows Niko wearing clothes from Modo. However, Modo cannot be accessed when the player acquires the safehouse as the bridges to Algonquin are still closed.
  • Much like the Broker Safehouse in The Cousins Bellic before triggering the cutscene in the safehouse, Niko cannot access the South Bohan Safehouse until it is available after Roman's Sorrow.


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