Sophia Bowles-Carmichael is a character and radio guest who appears on the second show of Blaine County Radio Community Hour during the events of Grand Theft Auto V.


Sophia is a conspiracy theorist who appears with Ron Jakowski.

She is a part of an alt-right group named The American Truth Institute, and formerly attended university before dropping out, believing that it is a way for liberals to express bad thinking. She also shows extreme dislike in mainstream science, media, environmentalism, climate change, and foreign policy. She and Ron, despite having agreeing views, conflict a lot during the show. Sophia is likely to have changed to an alt-right viewpoint recently, as she mentions "updating" her viewpoint.

Halfway through the show, Sophia goes into tears and cries about patriotism. This causes her to get into an argument with Ron, who believes she is getting too political. Ron discovers that Sophia merely came onto the show to seduce him as she hadn't been with a man in a decade. She attempts to bang on the doors of Ron's rooms to let her back in, but Ron rejects this.

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