"But it's all drugs, Sonny. None of the families will touch that shit."
―Forelli Capo

The Forelli Capo is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is a member of the Forelli Family, and is Don Sonny Forelli's right-hand man.



In 1986, the Capo talks with Sonny and Marco Forelli of the Forelli Family about the release of Tommy Vercetti from the Liberty City prison. After Tommy lost Sonny's money in a failed drug deal, Sonny ordered Tommy to get the lost money back.

However, Tommy ultimately fails to give Sonny his cut, resulting in Sonny sending some of his men to collect money from Tommy's numerous businesses.

Later, Sonny and the Capo came to Tommy's mansion, in order to collect the money, but revealed that he set Tommy up to commit the murders which resulted in his fifteen-year imprisonment, as well as the fact that Lance Vance was working with him. This resulted in a massive shootout between the Forelli Family and Tommy Vercetti. While Sonny and Lance were killed by Tommy, what became of the Capo is unknown since he isn't seen after the mission's intro cutscene.

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