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The events of this mission have been officially confirmed to be non-canon to the storyline, and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore didn't happen.
For the canonical ending of Grand Theft Auto V, see The Third Way (Option C).

Michael! I thought I was with one Judas! I'm surrounded by them! You fake motherfuckers! You wanna piece of me? Fuckin’ come get me! You wanna kill me? Take a fucking shot!
Trevor Philips' last words.

Something Sensible is one of the three possible final missions and one of the 2 non-canon endings[1] of Grand Theft Auto V. This mission is triggered if Franklin chooses option A (Kill Trevor).


Steve Haines and Dave Norton previously tasked Franklin with killing Trevor Philips, due to him being a liability, despite having saved both of them. Later, Devin Weston shows up at Franklin's house and tells Franklin to kill Michael De Santa, due to him also being a liability, for Molly's death and his failure to kill his family. Devin gives Franklin three choices, which appear on his phone as follows: Kill Trevor (A), Kill Michael (B), or Deathwish (C).

Choosing choice A commences this mission and has Franklin call Trevor to meet him at the oil field off El Burro Heights. On the way there, Franklin calls Michael, informs him of the situation, and asks if he can help; Michael is hesitant, saying that it "sounds like [Franklin's] thing", but says he will see what he can do.

At El Burro Heights, Trevor laments how Michael had been backstabbing towards him and how he and Franklin are friends, only to see Franklin turn a gun towards him saying that he was the crazy one, not Michael or Franklin, and he would most likely end up getting all three of them killed. Baffled, Trevor remarks on how he has done nothing but be truthful to Franklin; Franklin concedes the point, but does not let down the gun, saying that the truth is not what he is interested in.

Betrayed again, Trevor attempts to escape in his truck, driving around the city and eventually the oil fields, with Franklin chasing him. Michael calls Franklin telling him that he's close, then arrives in a stolen Premier and rams into Trevor's truck, which causes Trevor to crash into a gas tanker, rupturing it and covering Trevor in gas. Subdued, Trevor crawls out the truck and remarks how he thought he was with one "Judas," but he is in fact surrounded by them. With nowhere to go and with gasoline spilling from the tanker and pooling around him, he resigns himself to his fate and Franklin then shoots the gas, setting Trevor ablaze. Trevor is burnt to death by the flames and the entire tank explodes. If Franklin hesitates, Michael will shoot the gas instead.

With Trevor out of their way, Michael and Franklin leave the fields reflecting over how Trevor's violent behavior led to his demise; Franklin sarcastically thanks Michael for the "education," which Michael counters by telling him to survive, and everything else is "bullshit." The two head their separate ways as the credits roll in with a view of the city.


Mission Objectives

  • Chase Trevor. - (Franklin)
  • Put down Trevor. - (Franklin)

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Judas! - Kill Trevor


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Something Sensible" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Franklin phones Trevor.
(Voice only):
Franklin. What's up?
Franklin: Shit, what's crackin' homie. We need to talk. But somewhere quiet. Alright?
(Voice only):
Yeah, sure, man. Whatever you need. How about one of those empty lots of El Burro on the east side of town?
Franklin: Yeah, alright, homie. Look, I'll meet you there. Alright?
Franklin hangs up, and after a while he phones Michael.
(Voice only):
Franklin. What's up, big homie?
Franklin: Mike, man. I need to have a conversation with Trevor. You know, yeah, that conversation.
(Voice only):
Oh, shit. Alright. Okay.
Franklin: Look, man, the FIB dudes want him gone, and Devin Weston wants y'all gone, you know how it is, dog, shit, somebody got to go.
(Voice only):
Well, it ain't fucking me.
Franklin: Exactly, man. Look, we're meeting at El Burro Heights. So, you think you can help me?
(Voice only):
(sighs) I dunno. That sounds like it's your thing, Frank. I'll see what I can do.
Franklin hangs up, and arrives at the meeting place, and so does Trevor in his Bodhi. Franklin is holding a pistol behind his back.
Trevor: Hey, man. How you doin'?
Franklin: Shit, I'm good T. And yourself?
Trevor: Peachy. I know what this is about...
Franklin: You do?
Trevor: Course! It's Michael! You're the peacemaker! Well, I ain't havin' it, alright? I ain't havin' it. M-M-Maybe when the heat dies down, but this, nah, I ain't havin'. I mean that's it, right? Huh? Wasn't it? Wasn't it?
Franklin points the pistol at Trevor.
Franklin: But Michael ain't the problem. T, I like you. You scare the shit out of me sometimes. You creep me the fuck out. But... but the way I see it, the way anyone normal will see it, not that any of this shit is normal. Man, you gonna get us all fuckin' killed.
Trevor: You're gonna whack me? Huh? Me? I ain't been nothin' but straight and true with you.
Franklin: I'm sorry, man. Yeah, you have been true with me. But the truth ain't what I'm interested in.
Trevor gets back into his truck and starts driving away.
Trevor: You fucking Judas! You're just like him!
Franklin gets in his vehicle and starts chasing Trevor.
  • Shit.
  • Man, come on.
  • Hey Trevor!
  • Oh so you goin' run from me?
  • Where you going, homie?
  • Pull over, let's talk.
  • Eh, let's do this in a quiet place homie!
  • Trevor, dog!
Michael calls Franklin.
Franklin: Yo, where are you man? I'm chasing T through the oil fields.
(Voice only):
Shit. Okay. I'm not far away. Try and stop him.
Trevor crashes into Michael's car and then an oil tanker which starts leaking. He then leaves his car and falls into the oil puddle.
Trevor: Michael! Ah, fuck! I thought I was with the one Judas! I'm surrounded by them! You fake motherfuckers! You wanna piece of me? Fuckin' come get me! You wanna kill me? Take a fucking shot!
Some lines appear as Franklin doesn't shoot Trevor.
  • Do it, for Christ's sake.
  • Do it.
  • Pull the fucking trigger.
  • Do it, Franklin!
  • Finish the fucking job, Franklin.
  • Come on!
  • People don't change!
  • Come on, you dicks!
  • Fuckers!
  • You didn't do the job ten years ago!
  • So you're doing it now!
  • Traitorous prick!
  • I know it!
  • You'll turn on each other!
  • Fuck you both!
  • Arghhh.
NOTE: This line will only occur if Franklin hesitates to shoot Trevor.
Michael: Fuck, kid.
Franklin or Michael shoot Trevor and sets him, his car and the oil on fire, with Trevor screaming in agony. The oil tanker then explodes.
Michael: You always liked gasoline, Trevor!
Franklin: Man, that was your best fucking friend.
Michael: Fuck you. You know what tough guy? It's... it's time you grow the fuck up. I mean, I admit I'm a bad piece of work. But that guy? That piece of shit! No boundaries. No sense of when to back off. No nothin'! Twenty-four seven insanity! Day in! Day out! All the time! Never regretted nothin'. Cared for nothin'. Well fuck him. I mean... there's gotta be a limit, kid. Y'know? A point where even assholes like us say enough is e-fucking-nough. Human stew... That's my limit. I know that now.
Franklin: I guess that's that then.
Michael: It is what it is.
Franklin: Hey! It's certainly been an education!
Michael: Surviving is winning, Franklin! Everything else is bullshit! Fairytales spun by people afraid to look life in the eye! Whatever it takes, kid! Survive!
Franklin: Damn straight.
Cue end credits.

After the mission

  • Since Trevor is mentioned to be alive by Ron Jakowski in GTA Online's Smuggler's Run DLC (which takes place in 2017, 4 years after the events of GTA V), it is confirmed that this ending is not canonical.
  • The player can no longer play as Trevor after the completion of this mission and any Trevor-specific activities are no longer available including property management. The Vanilla Unicorn remains available as a strip club, but it is no longer usable as a safehouse. Trevor's Bodhi will be permanently destroyed, unless the player has stored it after stealing it from Trevor.
  • Michael and Franklin can still hang out with each other, but if the player tries to make Franklin and Michael meet before Michael's e-mail, they will talk and he will admit that he is affected and blames Franklin for it, saying he needs more time, so the option to hang out with Michael or Franklin becomes unavailable.
    • However, if the player does not make the protagonists meet on the street before Michael's e-mail, they can still hang out together, but they will always be out of breath, saying things like "I think I can go out with you one more time."
    • Jimmy will no longer hang out with Michael due to Michael's involvement in Trevor's death, but can still hang out with Franklin, because Jimmy doesn't know that Franklin was involved in Trevor's death.
    • Franklin can still hang out with Lamar Davis, but only at night, due to Lamar laying low to avoid Stretch.
  • Michael and Franklin will receive their shares from the Union Depository heist along with half of Trevor's share.

Phone Calls

  • Jimmy De Santa - Jimmy calls Franklin saying that he just discovered about Trevor's death. Jimmy says that Trevor was like an uncle to him and Franklin tries to comfort Jimmy, saying that bad things happens sometimes, and they need to deal with it.
  • Jimmy De Santa - Jimmy also calls Michael asking about Trevor's death, Michael says that Trevor was dangerous and wanted to kill all of them, and that now he is not going to bother them anymore. Jimmy then ends up deducing that his father had something to do with it.
  • Steve Haines - Steve calls Franklin to compliment his work, calling him a 'good dog'. After being told that Devin Weston wanted Franklin to kill Michael, he declares that Franklin should have killed both Michael and Trevor. Regardless, he says that he will handle Weston, who he says could use a friend now that Merryweather has lost its license to operate in the state, and also reveals that Dave Norton is close to a discharge with no pension. Finally, he rebuffs Franklin's suggestion that he continue looking out for him, telling Franklin that his "chips are cashed" and to never contact him again.
  • Solomon Richards - Michael can call Solomon, who asks if everything is okay. Michael says yeah and asks when they are making their next movie. Solomon responds saying it will be soon and asks if Michael knows anyone "with some liquidity for financing." Michael says he does, and that they should have lunch together. This phone call also reveals that the quote Michael mentioned earlier is from a movie called Arthur Penny's Sanitorium.
  • Lamar Davis - Lamar calls Franklin to say that he was right about Stretch and that he will need to lay low for a while to keep himself alive.
  • Tanisha Jackson - Tanisha calls Franklin to tell him that she is getting married the next day. Franklin wishes her the best.

E-mails and Text Messages

  • Lester Crest - Lester sends Michael and Franklin a text message, saying that Trevor disappeared and that he is splitting Trevor's cut of The Big Score between both of them.
  • Lester Crest - Lester sends Franklin another message, saying that he knows he killed Trevor. Lester claims he isn't happy about the decision, but that it's "done". He tells Franklin to move on from the incident and never mention it again.
  • Michael De Santa - Michael sends Franklin an e-mail saying that they did what they needed to do, and that they had no other choice. He also says that if Franklin wishes to hang out with him, he just needs to call.
  • Lamar Davis - Lamar sends Franklin an e-mail, saying that he just heard about Trevor's death and asks Franklin if he had anything to do with it. Franklin responds by claiming Trevor was killed by government agents.
  • Ron Jakowski - Ron sends an e-mail to Michael cursing him for killing Trevor, with Ron now losing both his best friend and his business. Michael treats Ron's e-mail as "spam", and tells Ron never to contact him again.



  • In the PS4/Xbox One/PC version, if Michael shoots Trevor, an offscreen explosion, presumably from the stolen Premier Michael used, will kill Michael after the tanker blows up, causing the mission to fail. The glitch can be seen here.


Video Walkthroughs

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Something Sensible
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]


  • The mission name is a reference to Steve Haines' quote from "Lamar Down". After Franklin lists a few crazy crimes that he assumes Steve Haines will order him to do, Steve says that he wants Franklin to do "something more sensible", and proceeds to tell Franklin to kill Trevor.
  • Even if the player shoots Trevor in the head while covered in gasoline, he still screams while on fire, due to the script of the mission.
  • The song that plays just before the ending credits at the end of this mission is "Don't Come Close" by Yeasayer. This song can also be heard on Radio Mirror Park.
  • Just like ending B, if Franklin calls Lester directly after Trevor and before proceeding to call Michael, the ending will change to the Deathwish ending/ending C instead of killing Trevor, cancelling the action to call Michael.
  • This ending was foreshadowed in Casing the Jewel Store when Michael asked Lester if Trevor ended up as a burnt body on the side of the road.
  • The truck owned by Trevor cannot be overtaken or else it will dramatically speed up.
    • Both Trevor and his truck cannot be damaged during the car chase. However, shooting Trevor will cause visible bullet holes on his torso and arms. They will stay on his body until he is killed.
  • In Fresh Meat, Franklin tells Michael that he "burned every motherfucker [he has] ever known", and in this ending, Trevor burned to death.
  • Trevor will always wear his default outfit (White T-Shirt, Jeans) during this mission.
    • Michael will also be made to wear his default outfit (Gray Suit) in this mission.
    • However, Franklin's outfit will not change.
  • If the player has changed Trevor's hairstyle before this mission, he will revert back to his default hairstyle.
    • Franklin and Michael will retain any hairstyle changes.
  • During the chase sequence, failing the mission three times and choosing to skip the current section will cause Franklin and Michael to revert to their default hairstyles, and will cause Franklin to wear a white tank top and cargo shorts, regardless of what he was wearing before the skip.
    • Strangely, even though skipping the chase sequence causes Franklin's hairstyle and clothing to change, he will retain any glasses or earrings he was wearing before the skip.
  • Trevor sometimes says, "Why hasn't someone sensible shot you yet?" when insulting or shooting pedestrians, foreshadowing his possible death and referencing the name of this mission. However, he will continue to say this line occasionally if The Third Way was chosen as the finale.
  • After this mission is completed, some Bleeter posts will mention Steve Haines' death and Merryweather Security closing its operation in the USA. Both of these events refer to The Third Way ending, and is probably an oversight of the game.
  • When the credits start rolling, just before the screen fades to black, the player can control Franklin for a few seconds, which may cause a humorous result, such as jumping off the cliff.
  • Trevor foreshadows his own death during the GTA Online mission Series A - Steal Meth, where after warning the player after stealing the Tanker full of meth juice that it shouldn't be shot at too much due to its flammability, he will then sarcastically remark "But, hey, it's your flaming carcass, not mine."
  • If the player changed the color and wheels on the Premier that Michael drives after Jimmy steals his Tailgater, then the one he uses in this mission will have those same modifications, indicating that it is the same car. However, any other mods will not be present.
    • However, if the Premier was not modified, he will use an unmodified Premier that will spawn with a random color.


  1. The GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort mission "Casino - Strong Arm Tactics" confirms that this is not the canon ending to the storyline.