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This article is about the mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. For the United States Armed Forces, see Military.

Vic Vance reporting for duty, sir!
Victor Vance

Soldier is the first storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by army sergeant Jerry Martinez from his office at the Fort Baxter Air Base in Vice City.


Victor arrives at the Fort Baxter Air Base by a Barracks OL and meets his new sergeant, Jerry Martinez. Jerry tells him the real opportunity to make money however Victor refuses to go through any trouble. Jerry then tells him to get over to Escobar International Airport and pick up a package for him. Victor, outside, is handed a pager and on a Streetfighter makes it to the airport. When meeting the dealer with the package, however, hitmen are following and attacking them. Victor starts shooting at the hitmen but the Marquis is set on fire. The dealer's hookers both die in the explosion and the dealer drowns as Victor manage to escape and swim to shore while avoiding gunfire from the hitmen. Victor goes back to his barracks inside the base and hides the drugs there.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take Sgt. Martinez's bike.
  • Go to the V.I.P. terminal at the airport.
  • Swim to shore.
  • Return to Fort Baxter.
  • Take the package to your barracks.


The reward for completing this mission is $50 and the mission Cleaning House is unlocked. The player can also explore the Mainland area of Vice City, save their game at the Barracks Safehouse and receive pager messages.


"I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner plays. A Barracks OL is seen driving towards the Fort Baxter Air Base. The truck drives into the base and then stops. Victor Vance hops out of the truck as he is greeted by Sergeant Peppah.
Victor Vance enters Jerry Martinez's Office, who is sitting at the desk smoking a cigarette.
Victor: Vic Vance reporting for duty, sir!
Martinez: Ha ha ha! Relax, relax. Are you well?
Victor: Yes, thank you. Sergeant.
Martinez: Good. In here, you can call me Jerry.
Victor: Okay.
Martinez: Okay... Jerry, huh? Heh heh!
Jerry gets off the desk and asks him a few questions.
Martinez: Now, Vic, tell me... why did you sign up, huh? To stay out of jail, because you like getting shouted at, huh? What makes you polish your boots and put bullets in the gun in the hopes that maybe you'll get to shoot someone, huh? Ha ha ha!
Victor: I got a difficult family. I got responsibilities.
Martinez: What, kids? A broad giving you shit?
Victor: No, brothers. One is real sick, asthma, and I gotta pay the bills. The other, well, maybe he's sick too, but in a different way. My mom's a mess.
Martinez: So, you joined the army... to get rich?
Victor: Not exactly. But y'know, my dad he came from DR, we didn't have a lot of opportunities. What else was I supposed to do? Why did you join up?
Martinez: To get rich!
Victor: Why are you messing with me, sergeant?
Martinez: I ain't. Chill. Relax. Take a seat.
Victor goes to sit down in front of Martinez's desk.
Martinez: Look, Vic; there are plenty of opportunities for a man who knows the game to make real money. So-
Victor: I don't want any real trouble, man.
Martinez: Who wants trouble? Nobody. Everybody wants to relax. No trouble. And there's plenty of money to be made. Nice and easy.
Victor Vance stands back up and tries to leave Martinez's office.
Victor: Listen, I don't think this is for me. So if there's nothing else...
Martinez: Hey, relax, huh? Come on, Vic. I need a favor. No risk.
Victor: So why do you need me if there's no risk?
Martinez: Because I gotta take registration. Besides, you're not on duty for a couple of days. Listen, you take my bike, you go over to the airport and you pick up a package for me, huh?
Victor: Okay. Just this one favor and that's it.
Victor leaves Martinez's office.
Later on, Victor Vance meets Jerry Martinez outside his barracks and gives an explanation on the job he gives to Victor.
Martinez: Listen. if plans change, I'll let you know.
Victor: What's this?
Martinez: It's a pager, tough guy. Welcome to the 80s, Vic.
Victor drives on Martinez' motorcycle to the V.I.P. terminal at Escobar International Airport, and meets a dealer.
Dealer: Hey, army boy! Jerry sent you, si?
Victor: Jerry? Uh, Sergeant Martinez, sure.
Dealer: Heh! Come with me, soldier. I've got something for your boss.
Victor and the dealer head down to the docks of the airport terminal, where a Marquis is docked.
Victor: Man, life's been good to you!
Dealer: Hm-hm! Come on, let's take a ride.
Victor and the dealer get on the boat which starts to set sail.
Dealer: Here's Jerry's stuff! Tell him my cut goes up next time! Vice City's getting too peligroso for us freelancers.
Some hitmen in speedboats start to approach Victor and the dealer.
Dealer: Speaking of which, we've got company! Grab that gun and take them out!
The dealer tries to shoot the hitmen in speedboats while his ship catches fire.
Dealer: Abandon ship!
Victor and the dealer jump out of the ship while it explodes and swim to shore.

Martinez: Hide the 'stuff' in your barracks man...

Victor runs back to the Fort Baxter Military base barracks.


Video Walkthrough


  • When a new game is started, the radio will be tuned to Emotion 98.3 and will be playing "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner. However, this will not always be the case; sometimes the radio will reset itself and play the audio file from the beginning. In this instance, "Only the Lonely" by The Motels will play instead.
  • This is chronologically the first mission in the 3D Universe by plot order.
  • Victor should not be saluting Jerry, because Jerry is a sergeant (Sergeants are not considered officers in the military, and hence are not to be saluted). However, soldiers are told in military conduct training that they must salute a major Non-Commissioned-Officer under a situation if applicable. Also, ranks below sergeant are not required to address sergeants as "Sir". Only Warrant Officers and Commissioned officers should be addressed as "Sir".
  • The Barracks OL that drops Vic off has a license plate of VC2, which could be a reference to the fact that this is the second 3D Universe game to feature Vice City.
  • The soldier that greets the Barracks OL does not use the soldier model used at Fort Baxter Air Base, but the model that is seen during a six-star wanted level.
  • Though the player is instructed to use the Streetfighter, they may also choose to get on and then get off to use a different mode of transport
  • Right after Victor has jumped clear from the exploding Marquis, he acquires a pistol, but doesn't have the M16 anymore.
  • Victor is immune to bullets when attacked by the hitmen on the PS2 version and the Japanese PSP version, most likely for balancing purposes, but he isn't immune to melee attacks by the gun wielding hitmen. On the other PSP versions, however, Vic takes damage as usual, making this mission harder as you cannot attack from the water and most likely have no body armor.
  • When the player lets Victor climb aboard one of the boats driven by the hitmen, the one behind the wheel will get out and jump in the water and just stays afloat.
  • To prevent the player from using the attackers' boats, it is given a minimal amount of health and a special hitbox so it will start burning when the two hitmen wielding M16 rifles are killed and Vic cannot get into the boats when they are intact.
  • The hitmen kill three people: Jerry's contact, and the two sex workers on the boat. However, the stats show only one person killed by others. Furthermore, the two sexworkers can be killed by either the fire, gunshots or the explosion afterwards.