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Social Networking was a cut mission for Devin Weston in Grand Theft Auto V. This mission involved stealing the first car on Devin's list, the Stinger.


Franklin has to get a photo of a hot girl and set up a Lifeinvader account for her. He then chats up Brucie Kibbutz and arranges to meet so he can steal his Stinger with a unique ALPHADOG license plate. Franklin pays a call girl to go out with Brucie and drops her off at the meet point. Then he follows Brucie and the girl. At the destination, Trevor bursts in on them and takes incriminating photos to put on Lifeinvader, and while everyone is distracted, Franklin steals Brucie's car.


  • This mission would be the first one of Devin's Strand. Then would be Eye in the Sky then, finally, I Fought the Law... and afterwards Deep Inside and Pack Man.[1]
  • In the internal mission file, Lifeinvader is referred to as ''Facebook''.
  • Ironically, the way Franklin would have lured Brucie out is a similar way that Brucie told Niko Bellic to use in the Grand Theft Auto IV mission Out of the Closet to lure Tom Rivas to his death.
    • The main differences being Franklin poses as a woman, whilst Niko poses as a gay man, and Franklin uses Lifeinvader, whilst Niko uses
  • Despite this mission was cut, the Stinger is still seen carried with the stolen cars in Pack Man, instead of being deleted or replaced. It is likely that Lamar stole the Stinger in the release as he says to Trevor "I jacked the last of THEM rides", implying he stole more than one. This would explain the gap between Deep Inside and Pack Man.


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