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This car chase has made me sick. Take me home before I puke.

Jonnie's girlfriend

Sober Driver is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by bar tender Jonnie from the bar he works at in the Red Light District on Portland.


Jonnie informs Mike that he has been dating a woman but can not be seen with her and he wants Mike to make sure she gets home safe. Mike pick her up outside of the bar, although she wants to continue drinking. Mike drives her to a bar in Harwood, where he has to kill two men who attempt to rob her. Jonnie's girlfriend enters the car but realises that her other boyfriend, Billy, has spotted them and tells Mike to lose him. Mike drives off, loses Billy and takes her to Portland Harbor, where she walks off.

Post Mission Page Script

Jonnie: Can you handle the hard stuff? Come back to the bar. Jonnie.


The reward for completing the mission is $6,000. The mission Happy Hour is unlocked by completing the mission.


At Jonnie's bar in Red Light District.
Jonnie: I've got myself some hot action, but I can't be seen with her or her dad will kill me. Now she's drunk and needs to get home. Make sure she gets back safe.
Mike: I got it. But tell me, how does this help my situation?
Jonnie: Her father is a bent polititian with good connections, so she's a good start. Besides, she can't get enough of me.
Mike leaves the bar and picks up Jonnie's girlfriend outside.
Jonnie's girlfriend: Baby, that's a slick ride! I drive stick, you know.
Mike: Not in your condition, you don't.
Jonnie's girlfriend: Take me to another club in Harwood. I need another drink.
Mike: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Mike drives the girl to a club in Harwood.
Gangster: Hey honey! Give me your money!
Jonnie's girlfriend: Help me!
Mike kill the two robbers.
Jonnie's girlfriend: You saved me! You know, my daddy could get you a cushy job in politics.
Mike: I'm not cut out for politics. I don't backstab enemies, I get in their face.
Jonnie's girlfriend: You're just a thug, aren't you? Take me home before I get angry. Oh no! My boyfriend Billy just spotted us and he's the jealous type. Do me a favor and lose him.
Mike drives and escapes from Billy.
Jonnie's girlfriend: This car chase has made me sick. Take me home before I puke.
Mike takes the girl back home.
Jonnie's girlfriend: I don't take rejection well, but I suppose I should thank you for the ride.
Mike: Maybe next time when you're sober.
Jonnie (pager): Way to go, Mike! Stick with me and one day you can have a lady as hot as she is.




  • In a similar manner to Ill Repute, Jonnie's date has different lines of dialogue depending on the player's vehicle of choice to start the mission.

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