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Snr. Buns is a fast food restaurant in Grand Theft Auto V located in Little Seoul, Los Santos.


It is located at the intersection of San Andreas Avenue and Calais Avenue in Little Seoul, Los Santos.

Its slogan, keeping with Rockstar's adult humor, is "Don't be a chump, taste our rump!", referencing the double meaning of the word "buns". The abbreviated word at the beginning of the title stands for senior, making the name sound like "seen your buns", again referring to the double meaning of the word "buns". It sells burgers, pizza, hotdogs and muffins, although the player can't eat at the restaurant.

Various signs around the building claim that business is "open soon", however "OPEN" neon signs are found in some of the windows of the building.

It appears to be based on the Wilshire International Food Court in Koreatown, Los Angeles.



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