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Sniper rifles are a class of two-handed precision firearms used to ensure more accurate placement of bullets at longer ranges.

It is a common misconception that any scoped rifle is a sniper rifle, and while certain long guns are more suited for the application than others, it is the act of using a weapon strategically as a sniper that designates it as such. A typical sniper rifle is built for optimal levels of accuracy, fitted with a telescopic sight and chambered for a military centerfire cartridge. Despite this, not all rifles in the series have a scope. Almost all sniper rifles won't allow the player to move while aiming, except the Rifle and Marksman Rifle, this, however, doesn't apply to the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Like in many shooter games, the rifle's bullets fly straight to the targeted point (it is a 'hitscan' weapon) - real life variables like distance, wind, or target movement do not affect the bullet, but it does in one mission in GTA V, or when hunting. GTA IV however, did introduce one element of sniping, the shooter's heart rate and breathing affect the aim (this is displayed through the fact that the aiming "piper" will "dance" around in the scope). Holding down a button will slow Niko's heartbeat and stop his breathing for a bit, which steadies the aim.

In the Grand Theft Auto series, sniper rifles are generally expensive, and are given to the Protagonist in missions that are specifically made for usage of said weapon, as a mean to familiarize the player with the weapon and the special controls for zooming in/out.

List of weapons

Image Name Description First Appearance
Sniper Rifle The Sniper Rifle, often referred as Standard Sniper Rifle or Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, is the basic sniper rifle featured in the series. Grand Theft Auto III
Combat Sniper The Combat Sniper is a semi-automatic rifle that has a longer range and faster rate of fire than the standard sniper rifle. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Advanced Sniper The Advanced Sniper is a bolt-action sniper rifle that has low fire rate, but can be quite powerful and has a scope with a slightly better visibility on darker areas. In multiplayer, the weapon uses ecplosive rounds. The Ballad of Gay Tony
Heavy Sniper The Heavy Sniper is, as expected, a bulky sniper rifle with powerful rounds, able to cause severe damage on unarmored vehicles. Grand Theft Auto V
Heavy Sniper Mk II The Heavy Sniper Mk II is an upgraded version of the Heavy Sniper, being a bit more powerful. It can be also modified to use ecplosive rounds. Grand Theft Auto Online (Gunrunning)
Rifle The Rifle is a lever-action rifle that lacks scope, but makes up for its general versatility. Despite its scope-less nature, it is actually very accurate and can knock targets easily. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Marksman Rifle The Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that uses a low-magnification scope, which offers a fixed zoom level compared to a standard sniper rifle scope, but makes up for its versatility, allowing the user to move while aiming (a feature initially exclusive in the original versions of Grand Theft Auto V). Grand Theft Auto V (Last Team Standing Update)
Marksman Rifle Mk II The Marksman Rifle Mk II is an upgraded version of the Marksman Rifle, being a bit more powerful. Although it is fitted with the same low-magnification scope, it can be replaced with a red-dot sight, turning it into a combat rifle. Grand Theft Auto Online (The Doomsday Heist)
Remote Sniper The Remote Sniper is basically a Heavy Sniper placed on a remote gun mount. It is shown to have an incredibly long range and power, as it can stop a plane turbine with only three shots.   Grand Theft Auto V (mission-only)


  • Before an update, the Musket used Sniper Rifle ammo instead of shotgun shells, however, it has been fixed.

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